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Jack The Ripper was never caught so it's impossible to tell if he had a wife.

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To this day his identity reamins unknown..............Be Warned.

Jack the Rippers 3rd victim in 1988

East End of London, England

i have been checking signatures with jack the rippers writing and i believe i found a man whose writing is exactly the same as jacks. his name is james willoughby carnac. what do u think?

That's a matter of opinion we still don't know to this day who he was

because they were all prostitute's. Sad right?

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The six murders generally attributed to Jack the Ripper occurred between 7 August and 9 November 1888.

London Rippers was created in 2011.

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Mary Ann Nichols was killed on 31 August 1888. This is the first wowan in the rippers case.

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