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377, 835 km squared

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What is china' s total land area?

9.6 million square kilometre

What is UK' s total land area?

According to Wikipedia it is 94,060 square miles

What area of China did Japan invade in the 1930's?

Manchuria .

What is the equation for the total surface area of a pyramid?

s+s+s+s+b=area of pyramid

What is Sudan's land area?

Area: Africa´s largest country, Sudan is divided on ethnic, religious and ideological grounds. Sudan has a total area of 2,505,800 sq km (967,500 sq mi).

How many square miles is North Carolina' s largest county?

That's a bit iffy. Technically, Dare County in the largest county in North Carolina by area, with a total area of 1562 square miles. However, only 384 square miles of that is land. Sampson County, on the other hand, has the largest land area of any county in North Carolina, with 945 square miles of land area (out of 947 miles of total area).

What are Japan' s famous land features?

One is Mt. Fuji on the island of Honshu.

Estimate the area of land claimed by North Carolina in the 1750's?

it was about 1,000 miles

What does the s stand for in the formula for the surface area of a cone?

it stands for the total surface area

What country has the fourth largest land area in the world?

its the U S OF A

What percentage of Canada s land area is used for farming?


Lateral area of a cube?

A cube with sides of s units has a total surface area of 6*s^2 square units.

What is the the total surface area s?

It is the total of all of the areas on the exterior of a three-dimensional object.

Is the land area of Iran bigger or smaller than United States land area?

Iran 628,860 sq mi U S 3,717,813 sq mi

What is a large area of flat land called?

A large, flat area of land is called a plain.

Where land cruiser is made?

the Toyota land cruiser was first built in japan during the early 1940's. the latest model is built in the united states.

What has the author John Owen Haley written?

John Owen Haley has written: 'Land Issues in Japan' 'Antitrust in Germany and Japan' -- subject(s): Antitrust law, History

How do you find the surface and lateral area of a triangular prism?

If the bases have sides of length a, b and c units and the length of the prism is d units thenlateral area = (a+b+c)*darea of base = sqrt{s*(s-a)*(s-b*(s-c)} where s = (a+b+c)/2Then total surface area = lateral area + 2*area of base.

How much did land cost in the 1850s?

In the 1850's, land cost between $3.68 to $21.73 an acre. It depended on the area, the amount of acreage purchased, and the quality of the land.

What 's the total surface area of the great mosque of kairouan in Tunisia?

the total surface area of the great mosque of kairouan in Tunisia is over than 9700m2 the dimensions of the great mosque of kairouan is about 127m * 77m in wikipedia article there is an error the article indicate a total surface area of 900m2 !!! it 's false !!! the real total surface area of great mosque of kairouan is about 9779m then the correct answer is the total surface area of great mosque of kairouan is sup than 9700m2

What is the third biggest state in the U S?

California has total area of 163,694 square miles which includes 155,779 square miles of land. California is the 3rd largest U.S. state based on land area behind Alaska and Texas. Based on population Florida is the third largest U.S. state behind California and Texas.

What is the largest city in the U. S by land area?

Sitka, Alaska is the largest U.S. city based on land area. Sitka land area is 2,870.3 square miles. The next largest U.S. cities are Juneau, Alaska; Wrangell, Alaska; Anchorage, Alaska and Jacksonville, Florida.

How do you calculate the total surface area of a cube?

6*s2 where s is the length of an edge.

Who was the Emperor of Japan during the 1930's?

Hirohito is the emperor of japan during the 1930's

How do you find lateral area of a regular tetrahedron?

If the length of each edge is s cm then the area of each face is sqrt(3)*s/4 square cm. Since there are 4 such faces, the total area is sqrt(3)*s cm2.