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What is Jon and Kate Gosselins MySpace?


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If Jon and Kate Gosselin have a myspace page, it is not public. All other pages claiming to be the Gosselins have been exposed as fraudulent.


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There is no information on if Jon and Kate Gosselin use instant messenger. All instant messenger, Twitter, Facebook, and Myspace accounts claiming to be the Gosselins have been proven fraudulent.

Kate and Jon did but, from the money they had from having their own show; Jon and Kate Plus 8

both, sometimes Kate will stay with them in their house and sometimes Jon will

Both Of them, They share Custody

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Currently the Gosselin's website is down. There is no information on why it is down or when it will be back up. In the meantime, check out the TLC site for information on the Gosselins. The name of the official Jon and Kate Gosselin website is "The Gosselin 10." TLC also hosts a website about the family. All Myspace, facebook, twitter and other social networking sites claiming to be "from the Gosselins" have all been proven to be fraudulent.

The Gosselins' dogs are German shepherds.

Jon and Kate Gosselin live in central Pennsylvania. The Gosselins have visited North Carolina on vacation.

Jon and Kate Gosselin's previous home is still on the market. See related links for the listing information.

Jon and Kate Gosselin (Formerly Kate Kreider) got married on June 12, 1999.

The 8 Gosselins are Jon and Kates Children Cara Nicole Madelyn Kate Alexis Faith Hannah Joy Aaden Jonathan Collin Thomas Leah Hope Joel Kevin

No, the Gosselin's are evangelical Christians.No. The Gosselins are evangelical Christians. Jon Gosselin was raised Catholic.

You can find blogs in the Jon and Kate plus eight section on the TLC website.

All you have to do is go to, click images, and type Jon and kate gosselin old home. IT is so easy.

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Jon and Kate Gosselin are Christians. They attended a Church of Christ while they were married.

Yes, the paparazzi track the Gosselins in their hometown and when they are on the road.

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The Gosselins went to Hawaii in August 2008. During the trip to Hawaii, Jon and Kate renewed their wedding vows in a beach side ceremony.

The Gosselins got the puppies from a breeder. Information about the location of the breeder, name, and kennel name were not revealed on 'Jon and Kate plus 8.'

He did sleep in the garage before the divorse.Now,when Jon has the kids,he stays in the house. When Kate has the kids,she stays in the house.When Jon doesn't have the kids...I think he lives with his mom

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