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What is Juan Monaco's religion?

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What is Monacos religion?

Monaco's religion is Christianity and primarily Catholic .

What is Monacos currence?

Monaco's currency is Euros.

Who is Monacos prince alberts dad?

Prince Rainier the III

What is Juan Williams religion?


What religion does King Juan Carlos proclaim?

Juan Carlos I is Roman Catholic.

What religion is juan Luis guerra?


What was juan ponce de leon's religion?

As he was Spanish, his religion would have been Roman-Catholic.

What is the religion of San Juan Puerto Rico?

The population on San Juan is overwhelmingly Catholic, but there are dozens of other religions represented in the city. The City of San Juan, PR does not have an official religion. It is against the United States Constitution for there to be a state sanctioned religion and Puerto Rico is part of the United States.

Who made Monacos first flag?

It was suggested by a committee led by Prince Charles lll.

What is Juan Williams of Fox News religion?

Juan Williams was raised Catholic. There is no way to know if he is still involved with that church, but there is no evidence he practices any religion other than Christianity.

What was Juan cabrillo's reason for exploration?

Im not sure but it is probably religion or gold.

What is Monacos land is used for?

Monaco's land is used for housing, hotels, restaurants, casinos, museums, stores and parks.

What was the padres jobs at San Juan Capistrano?

Their jobs were to teach the Catholic religion to the indians.

How many square miles of land is Monaco?

It is 0.76 square miles. Central Park can hold almost two Monacos.

What was juan ponce de leon's education?

He was formally educated in fighting skills, manners, and religion, but he was also a skilled leader and commander.

Is Juan?

Who is Juan

What cities are named after Religion?

St. Paul, St. Louis, Santa Fe, San Diego, San Francisco, San Juan, Santa Monica, etc.

When did Juan Huarte de San Juan die?

Juan Huarte de San Juan died in 1592.

What is Juan Luis Gurra's religion?

Juan Luis Guerra firstly attended to a reformed baptist church or calvinistic conservative church located in Arroyo hondo in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. After a few years he moved to a local pentecostal church in Santo Domingo. By Majosufe.

What actors and actresses appeared in Juan Goes to San Juan - 1998?

The cast of Juan Goes to San Juan - 1998 includes: Juan Calatroni as himself

How do you pronounce the Korean name won?

Juan...Won----Juan---An--OnAn is in Juan and On is in WonSo you pronounce Won in Korean as Juan

What nicknames does Juan Martel go by?

Juan Martel goes by Juan Esso.

What nicknames does Juan Dixon go by?

Juan Dixon goes by Da Juan.

Why is Juan smart?

was juan smart

What is the area of Saint-Juan?

The area of Saint-Juan is 12.09 square kilometers.