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What is Juan Ponce de Leons 3 main events during his voyage?

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His landing in Hispaniola, Puerto Rico, and Florida

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ponce De Leon's first voyage was in February 1512

Ferdinand ll of Aragon paid for ponce de Leons voyage.

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Ponce De Leon had sailed with Christopher Columbus on his second voyage and had later helped take over Puerto Rico.

ponce de leons crew was strong loyal and trust worthy

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he was born in the sea.

ponce de leon was a European explorer. his journey was to reach the foutain of youth.

He sponsored his own trip.

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He wanted to find the Fountain of Youth.

Diego Bermudas was the captain of the flagship

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Ponce de Leon traveled to the New World in order to find gold and the Fountain of Youth.

there names are Maria, Juana, Isabella, and Luis!

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to find land, gold and the fountain of youth.

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