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The Juche philosophy was founded by Kim Il Sing and differs from the 'Juche' as propounded by Huwang Jang yop that is based on communist ideology. 'Juche' is based on the natural human will for self-reliance, or self-sufficiency as an individual that collectively compose a state or a nation. It deviates from the marxist or communist ideology ,although adopts numerous principles of communist marxism as a state principle with the exception that the humanist approach puts faith in the people as a Democratic Republic. It is the official state ideology of North Korea - (Democratric Peoples' Republic of Korea)
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What is Philosophy?

Philosophy is the study of general and fundamental problems concerning reality, existence, knowledge, values, reason, mind, and language. It's core aspects value critical thought and logical reasoning. Philosophy is the foundation on which all progressive, intellectual thought is built. There are t ( Full Answer )

Is philosophy a science?

no it isn't . Philosophy trys to look at reality through religon. Science does it through experimentation. Actually philosophy does not look at reality through religion! It looks at reality through Logic and Reason. It also criticizes religion and science by using these philosophical metho ( Full Answer )

What are the subfields of philosophy?

The most common subfields I'm aware of are the following four, with their general areas of study:. Metaphysics - the nature of reality, what sort of things exist Epistemology - theories of knowledge, the foundations and limits of knowledge Ethics - good or right action, nature of the "good", mo ( Full Answer )

What is juche?

Juche is a Korean word which can be translated as "subject" or as "spirit of self reliance". It is the name given to the Communist ideology of North Korea.

What is philosophy if not?

All human sense data accrues as experience.This experience is no way different from any animal.Human brain supposed to be more superior than rest of the animal kingdom.So could invent language which is a platform for knowledge to operate. Since this knowledge is only an imposed object over the rea ( Full Answer )

What is philosophy for?

Answer Answering questions about what things are for. Or alternatively, Asking the question: What is anything for? Seriously speaking, philosophy is the basis of all knowledge, because it teaches critical and creative thinking. All contemporary disciplines grew out of philosophy. Some, l ( Full Answer )

What is a philosophy?

Philospophy is a belief system of one or more groups. Commonly agruing what exist and what are the essential natures. Philosophia is a lover of wisdom, and PhiloMath is a lover of knowledge.

What were Hitler's philosophies?

Hitlers hatred of the Jews and a number of other groups sprang from the fact that he saw them as being in the way of the ultimate progress of the nation of Germany. This is one reason why he implemented euthanasia on those he believed were mentally defective. The philosophy of Nietzsche who taught a ( Full Answer )

What is the philosophy of Judaism?

The philosophy of Judaism is that this world is a purposefulcreation by God, in which all people are tested concerning theiruse of free-will. We possess a soul which lives on after the bodydies and is held responsible for the person's actions. Anyone whois worthy, Jewish or not, can merit reward in ( Full Answer )

What is the philosophy of greed?

There are many different philosophical views of greed. One majorphilosophy of greed is that when people have a lot it is till neverenough.

What is Hellenistic philosophy?

Hellenistic philosophy comes from a late period in Greek history which saw the greatest variety of philosophic schools. There is no single tenant of "helenistic philosophy" as it ranges from platonic forms to the cynics to Pythagoras. What seperates helenistic philosophy from other cultures and m ( Full Answer )

What is the judicial philosophy?

is the set of ideas and beliefs which dictate how Justices and judges of the United States federal courts may rule in many cases

What does a philosophy do?

Philosophy can make one see what is search and its implied cause and its effect movement.It can show the divisive principle of knowledge.Knowledge is the tool and also its bearer.

What are philosophies?

Philosophy is the study of general problems concerning matters such as existence, knowledge, truth, beauty, justice, validity, mind, and language.. For the source and more detailed information concerning this subject, click on the related links section (Wikipedia) indicated below this answer box.

What is the definition of philosophy in philosophy of man?

Any living organism requires food and sleep to survive. Philosophy of man based on questioning like what,when,how,where.Tons of literature produced answering these questions, later what was called as propositions by Wittgenstein.These propositions are the objects for humans.There is trial and error ( Full Answer )

Who founded Juche?

The word juche , in Korea, was first drawn from 1887-1900translations of German philosophy, where it means "subject" (vs."object"). It was later adapted to an ideology of "self-reliance"by Kim Il-sung, ruler of North Korea from 1948 to 1994 (presidentfrom 1972 to 1994).

Definition of philosophy and nature of philosophy?

Knowledge by it self is partial and indirect but we do require .Philosophy makes one to understand the nature of knowledge and its limitations. Nature of philosophy is basically logical hence can remove superstitions accrued.

How do you get doctor of philosophy?

The doctorate would take approximately four years post bachelor's to complete. The degree can run up to 60 credits in coursework particular to a specific field of study. The actual length of time depends much on how long it takes a student to prepare and defend their dissertation which typically fo ( Full Answer )

What is a philosophy statement?

A philosophy statement communicates your goals and feelings about asubject. For instance, a philosophy statement for teachers mightdescribe how you teach, what your goals for teaching are, and ajustification for how you teach.

What is the philosophy of shapes?

philosophy of shapes is the philosophy of beauty and systems which is how the ratios of any beauty shape fit each other and there is many kinds of shapes natural and artificial natural which god create and artificial which man made natural as water,human being,animal,plant,sand,stones,mountains,sky, ( Full Answer )

What did the philosophy mean?

no it wasn't my question but i will answer the other question i typed in. the philo in philosophy means ' love' and the sophy in philosophy means ' wisdom'.

Who contributed to Philosophy?

From Socrates to latest Ludwig Wittgenstein there are thousands of philosophers with their modified logical propositions contributed to the content of human consciousness.

What is a coaching philosophy?

Frank Reynolds explains why a formal coaching philosophy statement is essential for all coaches Assuming that you are a coach you presumably carry out your role based on your experience, knowledge, values, opinions and beliefs. This in itself is a philosophy and you likely do this unconsciously. Th ( Full Answer )

Philosophy is important?

With no philosophy we play blind fold game.For clarity of perception and for understanding world as it is we require philosophy.

What is philosophy as a discipline?

Although philosophy is a way of life (called "the examined life"), it is also an academic discipline. The core of philosophy as a discipline are the fundamental disciplines of ontology (the study of being), epistemology (the study of evidence, including phenomenology), and axiology (the study of va ( Full Answer )

What is terminal philosophy?

At the end of a tunnel there is light.At the end of ignorance there is intelligence.End of the fabricated world there is Bliss of GOD.This is what is terminal philosophy.

How is philosophy studied?

There should be an inquiry about what a doubt is such as its nature,quality and its origin.One should inquire in to the nature of question form,its origin,its quality and so on.Unless question is resolved further logic may not make much sense.

What are the cause of philosophy?

Events and situations have effects.Usually people are involved in these effects.Philosophy tries to show the cause of these events.Cause of philosophy is to show the roots of thinking tree.

What is metaphysics in philosophy?

In philosophy, metaphysics is the category that includes all the physical aspects of an item. The metaphysics of a chair would be seat, legs, backrest, etc.

What is the sith philosophy?

" Tell me what you regard as your greatest strength, so I will know how best to undermine you; tell me of your greatest fear, so I will know which I must force you to face; tell me what you cherish most, so I will know what to take from you; and tell me what you crave, so that I might deny you. " ( Full Answer )

What is Shakespeare's philosophy?

Shakespeare at no time wrote anything about himself. His character and opinions are a complete mystery. Some people try to guess what Shakespeare thought from what the characters in his plays say. This is invalid, as when Polonius says "This above all to thine own self be true", this is Polonius say ( Full Answer )

What is really philosophy?

Philosophy literally means "love of wisdom." This is why we call the highest degree in many fields "Doctor of Philosophy ". Originally it meant any kind of wisdom or knowledge, not just that of the specialized field we call "philosophy" today. That sense of the word has largely been replaced by ( Full Answer )

What is the Juche Ideology of North Korea?

It basically is the idea of "up yours." It is the idea of being independent from any power and that the country and its people are able to sustain themselves.

What is the Filipino philosophy?

Probably a system of thought based on a synthesis of Catholic, Muslim, and native principles and beliefs.

What is the philosophy of Hobbes?

Hobbes believed in a strong government ruled by a single ruler and thought that people were greedy rude annoying and had a bad attitude

What is a Juche socialist republic?

Jucheism, once established as a national theme, created an illusion in the North Korean leadership, that they could recover and excersise their capabilities as an initiator or a just war. Paranoid Schizophrenia and Aggressive Delusions. Self dependence, it is the epitome of rebellion, for example Go ( Full Answer )

How can philosophy be defined?

The word Philosophy has no generally accepted definition, it've been defined by philosophers from different angles, but it can be defined through the eye of etymology which sees it as love of wisdom based on the two root word ; philene and sophia: philene meaning love and sophia wisdom. Looking at d ( Full Answer )

What can you do with philosophy?

You can find your own meaning to life, allowing you to find your true life goals and enjoy life as you live it. Believing in your own unique philosophy is a big part of living life.

What did philosophy do?

Philosophy is the study of the fundamental problems to do with knowledge and beliefs. Philosophy is closely related to religion because it's not something that can be proven, It's more to do with opinions. Philosophy has had an impact on our view on the mind and the world in which we live in.

What do the word juche?

If you are asking what the word juice means, it is a liquid produced naturally by fruit. The most common juices come from oranges or lemons and usually have sugar and water added to it.

What is the philosophy about?

Philosophy is the pursuit of knowledge and understanding about human existence. It is the never ending need to understand nature, to understand the mind, values and morals, and to understand the world around us and what it means to the world inside us. The word itself originates from the latin word ( Full Answer )

Why Juche is religion?

It exists only in North Korea and was started as propaganda to make people value Kim Jong Il. Kim Jong Il was born in a hospital in Russia and the Juche religion is a made up story to make the people think that he was born magically by two rainbows in the mountains of North Korea so people wouldn't ( Full Answer )

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