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What is Julia Roberts kids names?

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Julia Roberts has three children.

Danny Hazel and Patrica Moder and Phinnarus 'finn' Walter

No, Julia Roberts is not Jewish. Julia Roberts is not of Jewish ancestry, nor has Julia Roberts converted to Judaism.

No you idiot they have kids together

Actress Julia Roberts and husband Danny Moder, have 3 children. Twins Hazel and Phinnaeus; and their younger brother Henry.

Julia Roberts is Emma Roberts aunt

Julia didn't have any children

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Julia Roberts, Bill Clinton, Lady GaGa

No Emma is not Julia Roberts daughter she is her niece.

Julia Roberts is white. Roberts is a Welsh name.

Julia Roberts is Emma Roberts aunt

Yeah, Emma Robert's is Julia Roberts' niece.

nope, Julia Roberts is Emma Roberts' aunt. :)

The name of Julia Roberts Brother is Eric Roberts.

Julia Roberts is married to Daniel Moder.

Julia Roberts has three children.

No. Julia is Emma's aunt.

doesnt she have 12 kids 9 adopted and 3 of them are hers NO that is Angelina Jolie ,Julia has 3

Yeah Julia Roberts has won as oscar in 2001.

No, Julia Roberts and Doris Roberts are not related. Julia Roberts is the daughter of Walter Grady Roberts and Betty Lou Bredemus. Doris Roberts was born Doris Meltzer and took her step-father's surname.

Julia Roberts was the voice of Charlotte in Charlotte's Web.

Julia Roberts was born on October 28, 1967.

No, but Emma Robert's dad - Eric Anthony Roberts is sisters with Julia Fiona Roberts

Julia Roberts' character, Vivian, is from San Francisco. Actress Julia Roberts is from Atlanta, GA.

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