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it is very rocky and bumpy Jupiter is a gas planet so it cannot have a surface at all.

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What is the surface terrain on Jupiter?

Because Jupiter is a gas planet, it does not have a solid surface or terrain. In fact, the composition of Jupiter is approximately 90 percent hydrogen and 10 percent helium. This planet is covered in cloud layers that are composed mainly of ammonia ice.

What is Jupiters terrain like?

Jupiter is a gas giant so it has no surface terrain but the terrain deep within it's gasses is most likely just a rocky core.

What kind of terrain does Jupiter have?

Jupiter is a gaseous planet so it doesn't really have a "terrain."

What is the terrain on the planet Jupiter?

Jupiter, in fact, has NO surface at all. Because Jupiter i s a gas giant, it is composed mostly of hydrogen gas. This gas gives the planet no real surface, however, some scientists theorize that the incredible pressure towards the core compresses the hydrogen into a metallic liquid, making the surface of Jupiter a massive, planet-covering ocean.

What is the surface on Jupiter?

the surface on jupiter is that it has no surface at all

What are the conditions like on Jupiter surface?

Jupiter has no surface.

How much water on surface on the Jupiter?

Jupiter has no surface.

What is a terrain?

a terrain is the surface features of a tract of land

What is the surface temprature of Jupiter?

Jupiter has a surface temperature of 110 degrees Celsius

Could you walk on the surface of Jupiter?

No. Jupiter is a gas planet. It does not have a definite surface.

How hot and cold is the surface of planet Jupiter?

As the planet Jupiter has no surface, the temperature of the "surface" cannot be measured.

Are there valleys on Jupiter?

No. Jupiter does not have a solid surface.

Does Jupiter have beaches?

No. Jupiter does not have a solid surface.

Does Jupiter have craters?

There is no surface on Jupiter, so there can't be craters on Jupiter.

What is the terrain ground of Jupiter made up of?

It is made up of gases

Does Jupiter have a surface?


Was lava found on Jupiter?

No. Jupiter has no surface that we can detect.

What type of terrain does Neptune have?

None, Neptune is a gas giant planet and has no surface to have terrain on.

Is Jupiter hotter than the sun's surface?

No!!! of course not!!! Jupiter doesn't even have surface. Jupiter is just an extremely dense cloud of gas.

What is the surface area of Jupiter IN MILES?

Planet Jupiter has a surface area of 23.71 billion square miles.

How is the Surface of the planet Jupiter?

The Planet Jupiter is a "Gas Giant". It does not have a solid surface. It is Gas. If you tried to land on Jupiter you would sink into the interior of the Planet.

Are there oceans on Jupiter?

No, Jupiter is a gas planet it has no solid surface

What is the topography of Jupiter?

there are no topographies on Jupiter because there is no hard surface.

Are there mountains craters or valleys on Jupiter?

No. Jupiter does not have a solid surface.

Does Jupiter have gravel?

No. Jupiter is a gas giant. It does not have a solid surface.