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What is Justin Beibers phone number?

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6025353001 and I would try it before he blocks it I love you Justin beiber you will marry me when I turn 21 which is on march 2 so get ready for some love

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Can-you-have-Justin-Beibers - phone- number?

Justin beiber does have a phone, but only his friends can have the number not any fans

On study island can you start over?

i am trying to find out Justin beibers phone number

Who is gamertag is xboxking96?

Justin Beibers.

Who is cristian beedles?

Justin Beibers friend

What is best when broken?

justin beibers voice

What is Justin biebers gramas name?

Justin beibers grandma's name is tenille ortandas. she is also from Canada just like the other beibers and ortandases.

Does Justin Bieber know Justice Wilson?

Justin beibers gay

Who was Justin Biebers idol?

Justin beibers idol was usher, i think

What is Justin beibers best friends name?


What hous do sleana gomez live in?

Justin beibers

Which hair cut is the best in the world?

Justin Beibers

Dose Justin Bieber have a little sister?

Justin beibers sisters name is jazmine.

What is Justin beiers firt albun?

Justin Beibers First Album to come out was, my world.

What instrument does Justin Bieber's grandmother play?

what instrument does justin beibers grandmother play

Who is Lauren Phillips?

Justin beibers friend from the east coast.

Who is alexis garmon?

alexis garmon is Justin beibers girlfriend

Is Justin beibers mom married?

His birth parents are divorced. She raised Justin as a single mother.

Is Justin Bieber father died?

justin beibers father did not die his parent got a divorce

Does Justin Bieber answer his real phone?

I don't know if Justin bieber answers his phone because i don't know his phone number !Justin real phone number?

How do Jonah crabs eat?

They eat with Justin Beibers mouth.... Your welcome

What is the phone number of the Justin Community Library in Justin?

The phone number of the Justin Community Library is: 940-648-3649.

Who is Justin Biebers fav person to hang out with?

Justin beibers favorite person to hang out with is his family and friends.

Whatbat is Justin Biebers moms and dads name and what they look like?

that is Justin beibers mom and dad

Does Justin Bieber have ghosts in his house?

Justin Beibers house is fairly old but there is no true answer to if his house is haunted...

What is Justin beibers address in GA?

WikiAnswers does not know or provide private information like someones address, telephone number, email etc.

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