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Justin Bieber's debut single is "One Time".


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His debut single is called One Time.

His debut single was "One Time."

His debut single was "One Time", and it was released worldwide during 2009, and charted in the top 30 in over ten countries.

i think it is one time ;)

November 17th and its called "My World."

You mean what right? His debut single was one time.

Justin Bieber is single and ready to mingle.

Justin bieber is single currently

Justin Bieber's first single was "One Time" from his album My World.

For Justin Bieber's first CD, "My World", the debut single was "One Time". For his second CD, My World Part 2, the debut single was "Baby" featuring Ludacris.One time,but i hate him!

No. Justin 's mom is a single parent and cares about him and his sister.

Caitlin Beadles. He is now single.

She isn't married. She is a single mother. lol

One time and Favourite Girl and Love me

Justin biebers girlfriend is Aryana Garrott

Justin biebers manger is scooter braun

The first international single was 'One Time' when he was just turned 16:)

no i cant be Justin Biebers girlfriend because, I am Justin Beiber.

Justin biebers hair is 3inches i believe

Justin biebers CD is called my world

when did Justin biebers song come out

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