What is Justin Bieber's favorite color?

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Justin Bieber's favorites and preferences, in his own words (2013 interview):

Justin Bieber stated in an interview that his favorite color is purple.

Justin Bieber real favourite colour is blue. Go on youtube and type in Justin Bieber's favourite colour and go to facts about Justin Bieber and watch and listen and on the screen. It will say Justin Bieber's favourite colour is blue and a lot of other stuff about him.
Well...... he likes to wear purple but his fav color is blue.
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Who is Justin Bieber's favorite singer?

He says his number one favorite is Michael Jackson and hismentor, Usher. He also likes Beyonce, Rhianna, Kanye West, Justin Timberlake,Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift and Jay-Z.

What is Justin Bieber's favorite song?

It would seem as if there is some discussion on what his actual favorite is, but here are some answers that have been left by contributors: . Justin Bieber's favorite song to perform is 'Baby'. (Answer from a YouTube interview) . Justin Bieber's favorite song would have to be "Empire State of Mi ( Full Answer )

What is Justin Bieber's favorite food?

Justin Bieber's favorite food is spaghetti and meatballs but he said on muchmusic.com that he would not eat it on a date because it would go everywhere. He also likes pizza because it is also Italian.

Who is Justin Bieber's favorite artist?

hes favourite singer is beyonce!!! . if yu check on youtube and c interviews of him . usually he sayz beyonce as favourite singer!! . peace Justin's fav artist is usher I heared his favourite artist is Micheal Morporgo Note: He has some really good pictures at home like:Tree with batterfly an ( Full Answer )

What is Justin Bieber's favorite hair color?

Justin Bieber's favorite hair color is blonde. well he says that it doesnt really matter.....i don't no if this is true but he says that he loves blue eyes and brown hair he really is an amazing person even though i havent met him yet im not a huge fan of his but i think that he is sweet and just ( Full Answer )

What is Justin Bieber's favorite chocolate?

Justin Hates chocolate even in icecream!!! Justin Bieber actually like chocolate very much. None he doesn't like chocolate. He likes candy. Twix. Justin said he doesn't like chocolate but he likes sour patch kids :) justin bieber favourite chocalate is doreamon Twix

What is Justin Bieber's favorite drink?

According to multiple fan sites for Justin Bieber, his favorite drink is orange juice . JB's (aka Justin bieber) favourite drink is redbull. jb drinks redbull at least 3 times a day and he says he loves it

What is Justin Bieber's favorite eye color?

Obviously he would choose over personality, not eye color, but basing it on eye color, his favourite for a girl is green or hazel, like his Justin Bieber's favorite eye colour on a girl is realy beautiful blue No, Justin Bieber didn't say that his favorite eye color on a girl is blue. He did say ( Full Answer )

What is Justin Bieber's favorite candy?

Justin Bieber's favorite candy is Sour Patch Kids. sour patch kids gummy worms or some sour candy bubblegum ice cream and just a little bit of candy.his fav ice cream flav is vanilla and cotton candy Peeps and sour patch kids. his fave sweet is sour patches Sour Patch Kids sour patch kids but he als ( Full Answer )

What is Justin Bieber's favorite thing to do?

Play basketball, hockey, watch movies, hangout with friends, relax, play video games and occasionally sing and dance. He does have a huge heart, he cried twice, once while reading his favorite book Fledgling Jason Steed and another time, while singing on stage. he likes to sing and when he is ( Full Answer )

What is Justin Bieber's favorite music?

his fav music is hip hop,smooth jazz,and ballet music I don't know if he has a favourite type but he does like R&B, pop, classic rock and country. He said that he was brought up listening to them. It says in this video on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mtz8AeDK4nU&feature=related He say ( Full Answer )

What is Justin Bieber's Favorite snack?

Justin Bieber's favorite snacks are Cheetos and Doritos. Justin's fave snack food is sour patch kids! He loves cheetos and doritos(; hope this helps! Sourpatch Kids Justin's favorite snack right now is doritos well. im not sure what you would class as a snack but his favourite sweet is Sour Patch Ki ( Full Answer )

What is Justin bieber's favorite desert?

I don't think Justin Bieber has ever mentioned his favorite desert. Perhaps the Sahara desert or the Gobi desert? Who knows. But, if you meant to ask what Justin Bieber's favorite dessert is, then see the related link below. And learn the difference between desert and dessert .

What is Justin bieber's favorite phrase?

He loves to say"shawty" all the time! Justin Bieber is known to say the word "Payce"(aka peace) a lot. He also tends to call girls "shawty" and says "Ay" quite often. Sometimes he says BieberBast... and he use 2 say Bieber Cash - he doesnt really say biebercash dat much. "i don't really under ( Full Answer )

What are Justin Bieber's favorites?

he likes only the color purple his favorite song is love me his favorite food is spaghetti and meat balls favorite holiday is Christmas and his favorite sport is hockey *his fave colors: purple and red. *his fave food: hawian pizza *his fave dessert: apple pie!! *HE DOES NOT like chocolat ( Full Answer )

What is Justin Bieber's favorite band?

It is All American Rejects like my own his favorite singer is rob thomas All American rejects Guns'n'Roses ALL AMERICAN REJECTS Dont ask I've never heard of them but if Justin Likes them then that's ok Punjabi hit squad I don't know his FAVORITE band, but I do know that he is fond of the band A ( Full Answer )

What is Justin Bieber's favorite color to wear?

His favorite color is blue Purple. he loves to wear purple, because blue and purple are his fav colours. purple justin biebers favorite color is purple and black more purple he wears purple and wears many other colors

What is justin Bieber's favorite shampoo?

idk if he has one. he uses whatever shampoo they have at his hotel so its not like he gets to use name brand shampoos trezma and wash and go

What is Justin Bieber's favorite pastime?

His favorite pastime is writing songs and skateboarding(: I heard that he has fond memories with his dog "disco" that was an Australian Shepard. Justin named the dog disco because it had spots "like a disco ball". Disco died when Justin was 11 sadly. He loves talking about him to this day however he ( Full Answer )

What is Justin Bieber's favorite insect?

His favorite insect is if you want to find out email Justin on justinbieber16jb@rockket mail.com to ask i found out tounds of information about how he like a girl how many kids he wants hi fave color purple go find out he'll writes to my every hour if he can he is busy so bye. PS write to him he l ( Full Answer )

What is Justin Bieber's favorite name?

Courtney and linda . December because he said it was different and cool he is my bff and if we had kids he said he would name his daughter December . or aleah because his biggest fan is a girl named aleah i love justin bieber he is so hot and sings awsome and he is realy cool he hates the name ( Full Answer )

Who is Justin bieber's favorite cousin?

He has never made a public statement about such matters. Nor, if he has any sense or sensibility, is he likely to make such a statement

Who is justin bieber's favorite athlete?

Drew Brees. Justin Bieber's favorite athlete is Drew Brees. only Wayne getzky the hockey player None he only likes the dorkiy guys Wayne Gretzgy is his favorite sports player because I met him and he told me that being a Canadian means hockey is in your blood so Wayne Gretzgy is a hockey player that ( Full Answer )

What is Justin Bieber's favorite charity?

Pencils of Promise... mainly because his manager's brother is the founder (Adam Braun) but Justin donates one dollar off every ticket he sells to the foundation and has already built 20 schools in needy countries.. Isn't he awesome? :P And I know that cause He tweeted it.. He also donates money off ( Full Answer )

What is Justin Bieber's favorite symbol?

A heart. Awwwe sweet boy. He's so cute and nice. His hair is awesome! I really wish to meet him some day. Hopefully. - Hope Walter Denton Texas I LOVE JB!

What is justin Bieber's favorite muffin?

Any muffin, so long as it is a muffin top from NYC's "Top of the Muffin", ventured by famed boss Mr. Lippman okay well what you really searched up was Justin bieber can totally butter my muffin.(: and, yeah, Justin drew bieber(: you can soo butter my muffin(;. soooo all you bittcchess. back ( Full Answer )

Is Justin bieber's favorite color blue or pruple?

purple is his first favourite colour because he loves it everything he has is purple like a ping pong set or shoes or hats and he even has nunchuks and 3d movie purple glasses. blue is his second favourite colour and he also likes black he quoted "once u go black u never go back" hope this helped an ( Full Answer )