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on April 1st 2010 he said on a talk show that he was 110 lbs

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What is Justin biebers height and weight?

His height is 5,5 and his weight is 110

Who is Justin Biebers grlfriend?

Justin biebers girlfriend is Aryana Garrott

Who is Justin Biebers mannager?

Justin biebers manger is scooter braun

Can you be Justin Biebers girlfriend this 2011?

no i cant be Justin Biebers girlfriend because, I am Justin Beiber.

How long is Justin Biebers hair?

Justin biebers hair is 3inches i believe

What was Justin Biebers CD called?

Justin biebers CD is called my world

When did Justin Biebers first song come out?

when did Justin biebers song come out

Is Joel Bieber Justin Biebers dad?

No Joel Bieber is not Justin Biebers dad. Justin Biebers dads name is Jeremy Bieber not Joel.

How old is Justin Biebers grandma?

Justin biebers grandad is 77 and his granmum is 61

What is Justin Biebers date of berth?

Justin Biebers date of birth is March 1,1994

What was Justin Biebers nickname when he was young?

Justin biebers nick name is Canadian pimp

Is Justin Biebers mom in jail?

Did Justin Biebers mum go too jail? no

What is Justin biebers pet dog name?

Justin Biebers dogs name is Sam but Justin calls him Sammy

Is justin biebers perfume called someday?

yes! im 1 of Justin biebers fans go Justin bieber:)

What is Justin Biebers least Favorite color?

Justin Biebers least favorite color is yellow.

How do you say Justin Biebers last name?

You say Justin Biebers last (bee-bur)

Where is Justin Biebers birth town or city?

Justin biebers hometown is stratford Ontario Canada

What is the name of justin biebers new fragrance?

Justin Biebers new fragrance is called Someday.

What is Justin Biebers ipod?

i can't answer that what does that question mean i have an i-pod does that mean i'ts Justin biebers iPod

What do Justin biebers parents look like?

get on Google and look up Justin biebers parents duhhh

What is Justin Biebers creativity?

I think Justin Biebers creativity comes from his heart unlike most singers

What color is Justin Biebers lips?

Justin Biebers lips are a passionate pink that turns darker when he kisses

How did Justin biebers twin die?

Justin does not have a twin

Where is Justin biebers bedroom?

In Justin Bieber's house.

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