What is Katie in Latin?

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Q: What is Katie in Latin?
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Where does the name Katie originate from?

It originates from the Latin word pure.

What does Katie mean in Latin?

The name, Katie means pure. The name is a name given to girls. The name is of the Greek origin.

What does the name kalem mean?

The name Kalem means dove. The orgin is Latin. -Katie

Where did the name Katie come from?

Katie likes money, fortune, water, been wealthy, freedom, and The name Liam, these names seem to be a perfect match in the greek world and attract as soul mates. The name katie came from the latin word for 'pure'.

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'Hello Katie' is in Dutch 'Hallo Katie' or 'Hoi Katie' or 'Hey Katie'

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Who is Katie in Paranormal Activity?

Katie is played by Katie Featherston.

What words have Katie in them?


Who played Katie in Paranormal Activity?

Katie is played by Katie Featherston.

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What nicknames does Katie Elmore go by?

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