What is Korea's status today?

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North and South Korea are still technically at war and are only observing a cease fire at the 38th paralell. The South has become a major industrial power, while the North Koreans are a closed society.
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What is the US's status with Korea today?

The US's Status military wise is we have pulled back from the DMZ and let the South Koreans take over guarding it. We are also slowly pulling people out of S.K. and returning them to the states. It was planed that with in the next 5 years most of the US military will be south of Seoul. However with ( Full Answer )

What is the samurai status in Japan today?

Today in modern day Japan samurais still exist in underground cults know as shakugan. these samurais take advantage of political leaders and are skilled in the art of assasination.

WHEREis Dorothy MALONE today and what is status of her health?

She was born Dorothy Maloney, under which name she appeared in her earliest films. She began modeling in childhood and also frequently acted in school plays. After playing bits in several films she switched studios in 1945 and gradually got better roles; usually she played standard pretty-girl leads ( Full Answer )

What is the Status of business today?

Business is growing across the world. Technologies have made iteasier for many to start businesses, so there is growth inentrepreneurship across the world.

What is the status of Dan Fogelberg's health today July 29 2007?

Dan Fogelberg-Please read!!!! . I, too would love to hear from Dan via his website (at the least) as to how he is doing! There are hundreds of well wishes posted daily by concerned fans. All thanking him for sharing his God-given talents with us and how his music has affected them through the yea ( Full Answer )

What is Korea's religion?

Well, South or North Korea?. South Korea:. According to Wikipedia, the country's two prominent religions, as of 2005, were Christianity at 29.3% of the population, with Buddhism not far behind at 22.8%.. However, 46.5% of the population are quoted as having 'no religion'.. North Korea:. Accordi ( Full Answer )

What is Korea's most common foods?

I can tell you about the South Korean foods - most commonly heard of is "kimchi" which is the most essential side dish of any meal. Then there is kimbap (like sushi) and Bibimbap (mixed rice,vegetables,beef) samgyupsal (grilled pork strips) galbi (bbq beaf) for noodles there's cold no ( Full Answer )

What is the status of Vietnam today?

Since the end of the Vietnam War in 1975, Vietnam has been, and continues to be, a united country ruled by a communist dictatorship. It is a member of the UN and it is at peace with its neighbors.

What is Korea's national animal?

South Korea's national animal is the tiger. North Korea's is the Chollima, which is a mythical horse.

Korea's life expectancy?

70.4 years old Improved : Keep in Mind Korea has been divided since 1950. North Korea had a higher life expectancy and was more prosperous from the 50's until the 80's then the trend reversed. Now South Korea has the higher life expectancy as you can see the two Koreas had differed for a while. ( Full Answer )

What is the international status of Germany today?

Germany enjoys a high ranking in the world today due to its high ethical standards concerning moral and human rights issues. This is strengthened by its economic stability, which like most other countries is at risk by the looming economic recession that looms over the Western Hemisphere. Germany ( Full Answer )

Korea's most common religions?

There are 2 Koreas. Almost all North Koreans believe in the idea of Juche, also known "Kimilsungism" after Kim Ilsung, is the religious, political, social and economic ideology of North Korea. The Juche Idea was first introduce by Kim Ilsung in 1955 to distance North Korea from the Soviet Union, wh ( Full Answer )

What is Korea's flag?

Korea's flag is very unique. It has four symbols on the side which stand for heaven, fire, water ,and Earth. It has a specific name called Tae Guk Ki. Here is a picture of the flag:

How are North Korea's and South Korea's leaders selected?

for the north, they don't exactly vote for person, they just pick one. the thing is that they just give the govern to his next generation. but for the South, they actually vote for the leader which is president

Which statues and monumentson O'Connell Street are still here today?

The Daniel O'Connell Monument. Jim Larkin. William Smith O'Brien. Fr. Theobald Mathew. Sir John Gray. The Monument of Light, more commonly called the Spire is also on O'Connell Street. There is also the Parnell monument which is on Parnell Street's junction with O'Connell Street.

Why has North Korea's economy lagged behind South Korea's?

Primarily economic sanctions. They are also a communist dictatorship, while South Korea is a booming capitalist democracy. A long series of bad decision making on the part of their leadership. Winch include things like government organized drug rings and grow ops, in place of normal farms. They boas ( Full Answer )

Where is the Statue of Liberty standing today?

Well, there are I believe 3 Statues of Liberty. And if I am correct one is the east border of the USA, the second one on the West, and I think that the last one is some where in England. Please do not take my word, but I am 80% positive that I am correct. If I am not then let some one correct me.

What is the status of Darwins theory today?

Though Darwin was basically correct the theory of evolution by natural selection is no longer " Darwin's theory. " In the 151 years since Darwin first postulated the theory it has become so well supported by additional evidence and reformulations that over 90% of all scientists accept the theory and ( Full Answer )

What is North Korea's nickname?

North Korea is called the Hermit Kingdom because of its isolationist practices. South Korea is sometines called the "Land of the morning calm."

What is the Korea's religion?

South Korea is about 40% Christian and 22% Buddhist. Other small groups exist, but there are many non-religious citizens. North Korea claims to have freedom of religion, but about 65% of the country is non-religious. Buddhism is common and about 1% of the population is Christian.

North Korea's rights and wrongs?

nothing,nothing at all there inocent they didnt whip and cut of parts of them southeners did...north treated there slaves the same but didnt harm them so north is right and the southeners are in the wrong

What is South Korea's dominant religions?

Christianity is south korea's predominant religion. Followed by buddhism.There are other religions as well. But they are professed by a fraction of the total population.

Do statues of hades still stand today?

Yes, there are statues of Hades still standing today; the most popular would be by the artist Gian Lorenzo Bernini. It features Hades gathering up Persephone to take her to the Underworld. See the links below for a photo.

Is North Korea's government bad?

Answer 1 Well, North Korea's government is not good or bad. That is aopinion. Answer 2 Good and evil are relative concepts, but the actions of the NorthKorean government would generally qualify for what most peopleconsider evil activities. It provides its people insufficientamounts of food to sp ( Full Answer )

What is South Korea's key religion?

Religions in South Korea are dominated by both traditional Buddhist faith and a large growing Christian population (Composed of Catholic Christians and Protestants of various denominations). The practice of both of these faiths has been strongly influenced by the enduring legacies of Korean Confuci ( Full Answer )

Why do some nations still have third world economic status today?

a big time reason for some nations to be called a third world country till date is that the per capita income of those countries is way too less for any human being to survive. its not that the gross annual income is low but the income is not equally or even close to equally distributed among the ma ( Full Answer )

What is Israel's status today?

It´s a sovereign State, full member of the United Nations, that has diplomatic relations with 119 countries of the world and is officially recognized by them. It´s capital is Jerusalem

When was South Korea's flag adopted?

1948, the same year the country was founded. South Korea's flag closely resembles the flag which Korea had before it was divided. That flag was adopted in 1883.

What is Jesus' current status as of today?

As the risen Christ who sits at the right hand of God, the Father.He is our only mediator to the Father, our living High Priest. Heis preparing many mansions for His future spiritual sons anddaughters as He awaits His Fathers instructions of His 2nd Comingand Millennial Rule.

What is the status of Judaism today in relationship to the Kingdom of God?

The Kingdom of God is coming but is not here fully as yet. TheChurch of God is calling His 'firstfruits' for training anddevelopment, to serve with Jesus in His government of theMillennial Rule. All Israelites - those who have lost their identities along withthe tribe of Judah - Judaism - will be un ( Full Answer )

What is the Korea's holidays?

c hristmas . happy new year . thanksgiving . lunar new year . korean day . children's day