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Q: What is Korra biyyam?
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What is biyyam called in English?

Its formally called as rice grains.

Who wins the ultimate battle between Korra and Amon in the Legend of Korra?

Korra will win the battle against Amon because if Korra lost there wouldn't be another season.

Who does korra have a crush on in the legends of korra?

Korra's crush is on the Firebender with a serious side, the handsome and brooding Mako.

Will mako and korra be together in season 2 of the Legend of Korra?

Yes, Mako and Korra will be together in Season 2.

What is korras from legend of korra last name?

Most character in the Avatar universe do not have a last name or their last name has not been revealed. Korra could also go by Avatar Korra, Korra of the Southern Water Tribe or Korra daughter of Tonraq.

Who does the voice of korra in the Legend of Korra?

Maira Walsh

Who is korra hushband?

Season4 korra is not in relationship in mako

What are the release dates for The Legend of Korra - 2012 The Re-telling of Korra's Journey?

The Legend of Korra - 2012 The Re-telling of Korra's Journey was released on: USA: September 2013

Is there going to be legends of Korra?

The Avatar after Korra is Lim Mezlo

How old is mako on legend of korra?

He is about the same age as korra

Who is the voice of korra from the Legend of Korra?

Janet Varney

Who is the avatar after Korra?

The avatar after Avatar Korra has not been announced yet.

What happens to avatar aang when the Legend of Korra start?

When the Legend of Korra starts, you see that Korra proved to be the Avatar. Of course, in order for there to be a new avatar, the old avatar must die. So the second Korra was born, Aang died.

Is aang korra?

Aang is Korra because they said the avatar spirit passes down.

Is there going to be a Legend of Korra game?

yes after they are done with all the series of the legend of korra

Will Aang be in the Legend of Korra?

No he is dead. There can't be two avatars. Korra is the next avatar.

Is there still an avatar?

Korra is still an avatar. Aang is dead, but Korra is the new avatar

When does korra the Last Airbender come out?

The Last Airbender: The Legeng Of Korra comes out in 2012.

What episode that mako and korra kissed in Legend of Korra?

The last episode of season 1, "Endgame".

Will there be a book 5 of The Legend of Korra?

No, Book 4: Balance is the last season of The Legend of Korra.

Is korra Aangs daughter?


Will there be another avatar after Korra The Legend of Korra?

As long as Korra doesn't die in the Avatar state, then yes. The cycle is Water, Earth, Fire and Air, so when she dies, someone in the Earth Kingdom will be the next Avatar. The real question is whether or not the creators will animate the story about the next Avatar after Korra.

Does mako like korra in the Legend of Korra?

Yes in fact they said they loved each other..finale?

Will there be a sequel to legend of korra?

Yes, the third book for Legend of Korra was released on June 27, 2014.

What day is the legond of korra is coming out?

This question is overdue. The Legend of Korra shows every Saturday at 11 AM.