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What is Kymatica?

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2011-09-06 12:54:24

Kymatica is a film that deals in metaphysics and the evolution

of the "self".

In the documentary (Kymatica) they say at one place:

"In nature, all that we perceive with our five senses is a

result of two fundamental principles.

Everything in existence is made of a relationship between

vibration and matter.

Vibration is a masculine creative force countered by


which is a feminine receptive force.

Thus begins the principle of duality.

We see this duality in ancient myths and


yet only those philosophies and scriptures that were

perverted and raped of the original meaning

gave the impression that one polarity was good while the

other was evil.

The original sages, adapts and shamans taught that both are


and one would not exist without the other.

These two important principles come together to form all

things in the universe.


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