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Lady Gaga is wired but she is the best celebrity ever

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Lady gaga's hair color is brown. When she was younger someone told her she looked better with the hair color blond so she always dyes it blond.

Lady Gagas natural hair color is..... brown HUGE FAN OF LADY GAGA :) :) :) :) :)

Lady GaGas hair is naturally brown, as she is an american-italian.

her real hair color is brown, she always wears a wig

Yes her hair is real.! but her natural hair color is brown but she bleached it because she was mistaken for Amy winehouse

Dark brown, but she usually dies her hair different colors (blonde, aqua, purple, neon yellow).

Lady Gaga has long blonde straight hair.

Lady gaga's real name is stefani joanne Angelina germanotta and her real colour hair is brunette

lady gaga's hair is an auburn colour

Lady Gaga is really a brunette

Lady Gaga's natural hair color is a medium to dark brown complimenting her naturally brown eyes. This is not a wig. Like many full Italians Lady Gaga (Stephanie Joanne Angelina Germonata) has natural brown hair.

Yes, it's a wig/hair extentions.

lady gagas hair is really white

Her blond-white hair is a wig. She actually has brown hair that is long (not super long). She is not dumb to dye her whole hair the color blond-white.

Lavender. A type of purple.

you have to go on youtube and type in.......... how to make lady GaGas hair bow!

no she really had dark brown hair but decided to dye it blonde

Yes, she hasn't got long blond hair. She has got short blond hair.

Lady GaGas Biggest crush is Sam Coffey

her hair is not white, it is platinum blond. she dyed it so she wouldn't be confused with Amy winehouse.

the true color of the hair of Lady GaGa is color black

lady gaga's real hair is brown in color

lady gagas dream is to get people to be comfortable in whatever they wan to wear like her lol

Something between blue and green... In Poker Face they looked green.

It was brown but she got fed up of wearing a wig so she dyed it!

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