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They are about strange situations a young female might find herself in. For instance 'Just Dance' is when your feeling icky and your date asks you what's wrong "Just dance, I'll be ok". Idk what Poker Face is about, maybe about a girl about to marry for lust or money?

---- Its about sex, which is why she is the ''new Madonna'', as Madonna was all about the sex.

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What genre is Lady Gagas music?

Pop, Electronic & Dance.

What is Lady Gagas fav food?

her fav food is Italian and music

What does Lady Gaga have in all of her music video?

in most of lady gagas music videos there is a Great Dane i think its white in paparazzi.

Was Beyonce featured in someone's else music video?

Yes. She was in Lady Gagas music video for telephone

Who is Lady Gagas biggest crush?

Lady GaGas Biggest crush is Sam Coffey

What is Lady Gagas naturel hair colour?

Lady GaGas hair is naturally brown, as she is an american-italian.

What is lady gagas favorte music?

probably her own if you think about it she would not sing her own songs if she did not like them?

What is Lady Gagas dream?

lady gagas dream is to get people to be comfortable in whatever they wan to wear like her lol

Who writes Lady Gagas songs?

Lady Gaga writes her own music. She has even written songs for artists such as The Pussycat Dolla and Britney Spears.

What is Lady Gagas longest video?

Her longest music video is Marry The Night. It's a video of 14 minutes.

What are lady gagas characteristics?

she is a little out there.

Who is Lady Gagas crush?

lady gaga's crush is JajakI

Who is lady gagas friend?

Her mate is called Lady STARLIGHT.

What is Lady Gagas job?

Lady Gaga is a singer/songwriter.

What is Lady Gagas pet name?

Lady Gaga does not have a pet.

Did Lady Gagas mom die?

No Stepanie's (lady gagas real name) mom and dad are still alive she is very close to her parents.

What is Lady Gagas adres?

None of your business.

What is lady gagas sex?

She is of the female gender.

Who is lady gagas bf?

At the moment, nobody.

What is Lady Gagas latest song?

Lady Gaga's latest song is Alejandro.

What is Lady Gaga'S newest song?

Alejandro is lady gagas newes song

Who is Lady Gagas mother?

The name of Lady GaGa's mother is Cynthia Germanotta.

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