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What is Latin for efficient?


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Capáx or Peritús are the words which mean efficient in Latin.

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No, the word 'efficient' is an adjective, a word that describes a noun: an efficient method, an efficientwaiter.The noun form for the adjective efficient is efficiency.

More efficient and most efficient are the comparative and superlative forms of "efficient".

It's not a prefix in the usual way, like 're' or 'in', but comes from the Latin word 'efficire', meaning efficient or capable of producing the desired effect.

The engine was cleaner and more efficient.

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efficient, exactly how you spelled it.

efficient in is = αποδοτική

Yes, much more efficient.Yes, much more efficient.Yes, much more efficient.Yes, much more efficient.

The correct spelling is efficient.Some example sentences are:We need a more efficient fuel source.He is very efficient at what he does.I recommend this, it is the most efficient product we have.

The hybrid car has proven to be very efficient. My brother is very efficient on his job.

The reports that are to the point are called efficient reports. These reports could be made by efficient employees.

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επαρκής ( eparkis)

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They are not efficient compared to LED.

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No, the word efficient is an adjective, a word that describes a noun; for example:I was pleased with the efficient worker for the agency.

Here are some sentences.This is a more efficient method.She is an efficient worker.

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