What is Lent?

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Lent is a time when Jesus was in the desert for 40 days. Catholics observe this. It starts on Ash Wednesday and ends on Easter Sunday. People can give something up like candy or do something they would not normally do like pray the Rosary. On Fridays during Lent, people 14 and older make a sacrifice and do not eat meat, on Ash Wednesday and Good Friday people between 18 and 59 fast. They use the money they save not eating meat to give to the poor. For more details you can call a Catholic Priest.

Lent is defined as "the 40 weekdays from Ash Wednesday until Easter observed by Christians as a season of fasting and penitence in preparation for Easter." (

It is believed that Jesus spent 40 days fasting in the desert before beginning his public ministry, during which time he encountered temptation by Satan.

Christians during this period give up certain "sins" in their lives, symbolizing triumph over temptation similar to Jesus's triumphs over Satan's temptations.

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Q: What is Lent?
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What is 'Lent' in Romanian?

"Lent" means "slow"

What is a sentence for lent?

He lent her the book yesterday.She lent over and picked up her drink.

Why is lent colled lent?


How do Christians prepare for lent?

you don't really prepare for lent, lent is the preparation for easter

Lent- what is the most popular thing to give up for lent?

During lent most give up junk food or technology.

What is the color of Lent?

The color of lent is purple

How many Fridays are there in Lent 2008?

There were 7 Fridays in Lent 2008, just as there are in evey Lent.

Another word for lent?

Lent might mean as sacrifice, but there is no other word or an alternative for Lent.

Can you have what you gave up for Lent on your birthday?

If your birthday is not in Lent, then of course you can. If it is in Lent, you probably should still stay off what you have given up if you are serious about honouring Lent.

Which atom borrows the electron are lent?

the electrons are lent by the alkaline metals and they can only lent four electrons

Do you have to fast on Sundays in Lent?

No. Sundays are not included in Lent!

When prayers and practices are associated with lent?

During Lent.

Is Lent for Catholic people?

lent is for all Christians

Is Easter part of Lent?

Easter is the end of Lent.

Why does lent end at Easter?

easter IS the end of lent.

What is lent and what does it have to do with Easter?

lent prepares us for easter

What are the symbols and colors of lent?

The color of lent is purple

What should people do to prepare for lent?

You don't really have to prepare for Lent. I guess, in order to prepare for Lent you could start thinking about what you want to give up for Lent.

Can I get married between orthodox Lent and orthodox Easter?

No, you cannot get married during the period when Orthodox Lent begins and Orthodox Easter, as Great Lent is a period of mourning and fasting. You can get married before Lent or after Easter, but not during Lent.

What colors are associate with AshWednesday and lent?

Ash Wednesday is the start of Lent and during Lent, the church uses purple

Who participates in Lent?

Roman Catholic AnswerLent is the liturgical season before Easter, all Catholics participate in Lent.

How do you use the word lent in a sentence?

He observed Lent by giving up his biggest vice. The word lent is the past tense of lend. Richard lent me his car last week.

What do you called the fourth Sunday of lent?

The Froth Sunday of Lent

How do you say lent in Spanish?

Cuaresma is the Spanish word for lent

What is Lent to the French?

Lent is called 'le Carême' in French.