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So far,Georgia Rule.Even though all of her movies are great.She jus really put 110% in Georgia Rule,great plot.

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What is Lindsay lohans IQ?

Lindsay Lohans IQ is 117.

What is Lindsay lohans favorite color?

Lindsay Lohans favorite color is Lime Green.

What is Lindsay Lohans name in the movie mean girls?

cadie but its pronounced Katie

Are there 2 Lindsay Lohans?

No, There is only 1.

Who is Lindsay Lohans agent?

Her agent was your mom

What is Lindsay Lohans middle name?

Lindsay Lohan's middle name is Dee.

What is Lindsay Lohans weight?

140-160 lbs

Who does Lindsay lohans girl friend?

Samantha Ronson is Lindsay Lohan's on/off girlfriend.

Who is Lindsay Lohans girlfriend?

Lindsay Lohan is a girl, so therefor, she cannot have a girlfriend.

What is Lindsay Lohans aimscreen name?

her screen name is CxSk8teboy

What is Lindsay Lohans dads name?

his name is Michael Douglas Lohan

Are the rumors true that Jon Gosselin was hanging with Lindsay Lohans dad?


In the 2007 film you Know Who Killed you what profession did Lindsay Lohans character have?


What is the name of Lindsay Lohans new CD?

People say she wants to be a size 0.

What is Lindsay Lohans sisters name?

Aliana Lohan is her sister's name, but everyone calls her "Ali."

What is Lindsay Lohans natural hair colouris her hair layered and what is the nearest colour i can get without a big price tag colour her hair is when its dyed red?

Lindsay Lohan's hair is a mid red

What is Lindsay Lohans diet?

Well honestly she probably doesn't eat. And I heard she is belemic. So it's not really considered a diet. Don't do what she did.

Who is Lindsay Younce?

Lindsay Younce is a young actress who is best known for playing the role of Saint Therese in the movie Therese. Lindsay is from Toronto and began acting in school plays when she was 15.

What was Lindsay Lohan's second movie?

Lindsay Lohan's second movie was 'Life-Size'.

How much money does Lindsay Lohan make a movie?

Lindsay Lohan's salary varies by movie.

Where can I find a website that has a lot of deleted scenes from the Parent Trap in 1998?

Well, I think you can go check and go to and click the search box then type in deleted scenes from the parent trap in 1998..And by the way, I like this movie..I don't know how they made two Lindsay Lohans?? :D

Lindsay and jade in a sentence?

Lindsay and jade are best friends!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

What is the movie called with Lindsay Lohan stripping?

no movie

Was Lindsay Lohan adopted?

It certainly appears that something is amiss. The Lohans are a very much-photographed family and it's easy to see that Lindsay does not in the least resemble either "parent" or "sibling". Yes, genetics sometimes works in strange ways, check out Bruce & Demi's three daughters for an example of that. It seems clear to me that Lindsay is not the biological daughter of both Michael & Dina Lohan.

Is Lindsay sloane ticklish?

No Lindsay Sloane is not ticklish. Lindsay is an actress best known for appearing in Sabrina the Teenage Witch.