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What is MCIV divided by II?

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MCIV divided by II?


What is MCIV in Roman Numerals?

Roman numeral MCIV equals the Arabic numeral 1104.

What is Half of MCIV in roman numerals?


What is 1104 in Roman numerals?

The number 1104 written as a Roman numeral is MCIV

What is XXIV divided by II?

Xxiv ÷ ii = xii (24 ÷ 2 = 12)

What are the release dates for A House Divided - 1913 II?

A House Divided - 1913 II was released on: USA: 1 April 1913

What is the roman numeral for 1104?

In roman numeral: 1000=M; 100=C; 4=IV. Therefore,1104 is MCIV.

What processes is the nuclear material divided?

II and III

Why did Korea become divided in 1945?

because of world war II

Which city was divided into four sectors at the end of world war ii?


Which country was divided at the 38th parallel following world war ii?


How was Germany divided up after world war ii?

It was divided into 4 zones United States Great Britian Soviet Union and France

Asian peninsula that was divided after World War 2?

The Asian peninsula that was divided after World War II was the Korean Peninsula. The country of Korea was divided into North Korea and South Korea.

Who was the emperor who divided the Habsburg empire into two parts?

i believe it was Philip II of Spain

What is 35 divided by minus 5?


How many zones was Germany and Berlin divided into?

After World War II, both Germany and Berlin were divided into 4 zones. Incorrect ! Germany was divided into 2 countries, West and East Germany. Berlin was divided into four zones.

Divide two by five so that the result will be a thousand?

II divided by v = M = 1,000

What describes what happened to germany after world war ii?

It was divided into a democratic part and a Communist part.

Which European capital city was divided into four zones of occupation after World War II?

Berlin .

Which German city was known as the divided city?

The German city of Berlin was known as the divided city. After World War II, Berlin was split into East Berlin and West Berlin.

How many times are chromosomes divided to yield four haploid nuclei in meiosos?

Chromosones are divided two times. Once during meiosis I and once during meiosis II.

What was the condition of the Korean peninsula immediately after world war ii?

Korea was divided between the U.S. and the Soviet Union

What European nations were divided into after World War 1?

Essentially, the only European that was divided after World War II was Germany. The two nations reunited after the Berlin Wall came down in 1989.

Is Wales divided into different kingdoms today?

No, Wales is divided into counties but Wales, along with England, Scotland and Northern Ireland forms part of the United Kingdom, which has the monarch Queen Elizabeth II.

After the Japanese surrendered at the end or worl war II what was Koreas fate?

Divided into North & South Korea at the 38th Parallel.