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Q: What is Madison Pettis favorite type of music?
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What is Madison pettis's blood type?

her type iss A+

What is Madison pettis's date of birth?

July 22, 1998(1998-07-22) (age 11).u can also just type Madison Pettis and then click Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

What is Miley Cyrus's favorite type of music?

miley's favorite type of music is country

What was Phillis Wheatley's favorite type of music?

what is Phillis Wheatlys favorite type of music

What is Vanessa Hugens Favorite Type Music?

Vanessa Hudgens Favorite Type Of Music Is Rock

What is America's favorite type of music?

well america's favorite type of music is hip-hop

What is Einsteins favorite music?

Einstein's favorite type of music was Mozart.

What was Albert Einstein's favorite music?

Einstein's favorite type of music was Mozart.

What was Bruce Lee's favorite music?

Bruce Lee's favorite music was Qawa Lee. It was a type of Indian Music. His favorite song was My Way by Frank Sinatra.

What is David Beckhams favorite music?

his favorite type of music is rock and hip hop

What is Taylor Swift favorite type of music?

Taylor Swift's favorite music is country with a mixture of rock in music.

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his own music

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Each person has his favorite type of music, a generalization cannot be correct.

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He is inspired by Michael Jackson more then that he loved all type of music but not a funk rock

How do you get the music toolbar?

You type your favorite music station on wikianswers.

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rock music

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He liked Wagner's music.

What is Maya Angelou's favorite type of music?

Jazz and soul music

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He liked all type of music.

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jazz music

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pop is Victoria's music

Examples of opinions?

fact:country is a type of music opnion:my favorite type of music is jaaz

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his favorite music is punk rock he also loves rap,hip hop.

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AnswerHe is a cartoon character. He doesn't get to have a favorite type of music.

What is the favorite type of music in Australia?

your butt