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What is Maine's State Motto?

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dirigo i direct

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Maines state motto?

The Maine state motto is "I lead"

What is Maines state motto?

Dirigo Dirigo means: I Lead

What does maines state motto mean?

it means a person said i direct

What is maines state number?

Maine is the 23rd state

Maines state bird?


What is maines state fruit?


What is maines state insect?


What is maines state junkfood?


What is Maines state capital?

Augusta, Maine

What is maines state colors?

Dark blue

What is maine's state dog?

maines state dog s the retriever

What is Maines motto?

Dirigo. It is Latin for "I lead" or "I direct". For more information see wikipedia! - A girl from Maine.

What is maines state flag called?

it doesn't have a name

What is maines state flower?

the pine cone thingy

Maines state flower?

The white pine cone.

What is Maines state fish?

land lock salmon

What is Maines state bird?

Black-capped Chickadee

What is Maines state stone?

Tourmaline is the Maine gemstone.

What are maines state colors?

blue green and red

What is maines state beverage?

Moxie - official state soft drink 2005

What does Maines nickname mean?

it got this name because the pine tree is maines state and the white pine tossal cone is its flowere

Who are maines senaters?

maines senators are maines senators are

When did Pa state motto become a state motto?

The Pennsylvania state motto "Virtue, liberty, and Independence" became a state motto in 1875.

How did maines get its state song?

Through the Land's End Catalog.

When did the New Jersey state motto becoe a state motto?

The New Jersey state motto "Liberty and prosperity" became the state motto in 1928.