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Maine is a wonder place its main acctrens are the beaches and light houses also the salt water fishing.Maine has the same food we have in our state(Florida).it is a "VACITION LAND"

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What is the climate like in Maine?

What is the Climate like in Maine.

Who do Maine Coons like to be with?

how does a male Maine coon act like when it has rabbies

What was life like in Maine?

Waht was life like in Maine when it was part of Massachusetts?

What is the desert of Maine like?

Maine has no true deserts.

What do you like about Maine ME?

I Like that they have pickles

Is Maine a proper noun?

If you are talking about the state of Maine, then yes. Or if you are talking about something like Maine Street, then yes. But if you are talking about something like, the main idea, then no.

What is the main products of Maine?

Toms of Maine toothpaste and stuff like that is one of them

What does Maine produce?

Maine produces fruits and some food like bread and corn.

What is a Maine Tern?

The Maine tern is a type of bird much like the arctic tern!

What is the land of Maine like?


How many senators from Maine in Washington?

Maine, like every other state, has two senators.

Where does the Maine coon in Maine live?

the coon cat roams free throught maine or is a hous cat and the maine racoon lives in woods and forest, ive even seen some in the city before like portland, they really like any place with trees.

How do you find information about Long Cove Maine?

Well depending on where you live like if you live in Maine or not I think in many MAine book stores that i have been in like borders and such they have books on towns and areas I hope that answers your question

What does the Maine pie graph look like?

it looks like pie

How has Maine changed since colonial days?

Maine has changed greatly since Colonial days. Maine has advanced industries like the fishing and lobster industries in place now.

How do you do an intro for Maine?

act like a tour guide

What is their religion in Maine?

Maine, like the other 49 states, does not have a state religion. The United States is a religiously tolerant nation.

Why are Maine coons called so?

Its called Maine coon because it is originated in Maine part of north america and the coon part because they look like cat and raccoon mix.

What is the only state in the US whose name is just one syllable?

MaineMaine and it's "syllable".MaineMaine is the only state with one syllable.Maine is the only state that is one syllable. All of the other states have at least two syllables. There are numerous states that have four syllables in their names.The answer s MaineMaine.MaineOnly one: Maine.MaineMaine.maineone, Maine.The only US State with a single syllable name is Maine.Maine.One.....Maine.Maine has only one syllable.Maine is the only US state that has one syllable.If you include US territories as states, then Guam is also one.MaineThe only state with one syllable is Maine.Must be MaineMaine.MaineIts Maine!One: MaineMaine is the only one.Maine.Maine.Only one - MAINEOne. Maine.

Where is the desert of Maine?

Maine has no true deserts. However, there is what is called the Desert of Maine which is a 40-acre tract of exposed glacial silt surrounded by a pine forest near the town of Freeport, Maine, Despite its desert-like appearance, it is not a true desert.

What is the driving distance between Bangor Maine and Brunswick Maine?

not very long..... like an hour or so maybe ohhh 3?

Does Maine have a lot of wilderness?

Certain place in Maine have a lot of wilderness. The more north you go, like Newport, Jackman, there is more. Compared to Portland. Hope this helped. Born and raised in Maine.

What do Maine Coon cats look like?

like this... Although I have 2 and they are nicer looking...

What is the soil like in Maine?

rich good for growing crops

What kind of Cat that looks like a raccoon?

Maine Coon