What is Malawi biome?

Malawi's biome is grassland. These are some dot points on Malawi biome

. Occur from central Canada through Texas and into Mexico in North America
. Tall grasses-prairies-sea of grass
. Moderate temperatures, light rainfall
. Dominat plants-various grasses
. Found on all continents except America
. Adapted to living with little rain-long slender leaves allow little water loss, roots grow just below the surface, spreading out to absorb rain
. Small animals-rabbits, prairie dogs, gophers, badgers, rats, mice, snakes and insects
. larger herbivores-deer, pronghorn bison
.major role in world agriculture-wheat, corn, rice, other grains used to make bread, flour, cereal, animal feed-called the bread basket of the world-graze herds of livestock (cattle, sheep) which provide animal products we eat or wear