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What is Manchester United's lowest home attendance for a top-flight game in the past 20 years?

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Think it was against Wimbeldon in 1990, 20,000 at Old Trafford

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What was Manchester uniteds lowest league position ever?

Manchester were relegated once, so they finished at the bottom three.

What are the lowest attendance figures at an NFL game?

the Oakland raiders have the lowest attendance of the last few year

What is the lowest NFL attedece at a game?

The lowest nfl attendance at a game is 12.

What team had the lowest attendance in the NFL?

For 2009 The Oakland Raiders have the lowest attendance with only avg. to 68% capacity. As of Week 7 of 2010 they still hold the title.

Which person has the lowest attendance percentage on the FCC Roster?

Adrian Wells has the lowest attendance percentage on the roster, at 60%. However, he is no longer a part of the 5 person roster.

Fans lowest record attendance Atlanta Falcons?

December 24 1989 vs Detroit Lions Attendance 7792

Which NHL team has the lowest average attendance per game?

The Clevland Hurons are the best attendance record in the history of records excluding the thrashers

What is the lowest attendance for a NBA game?

3000/2200 at a clippers game in 1992

What is the lowest attendance for a NFL game?

1987 cowboys vs dolphins game with 216.

What was Newcastle united lowest league gate since 1974?

The lowest league attendance for Newcastle United since 1974 was for a league game against Wrexham in the old Second Division in the 1987-99 season. The official attendance for that game was 7,134.

What is the lowest attendance for a Premiership game?

3,039. Wimbledon v Everton 26 January 1993

What was Sunderland's lowest attendance at Roker Park?

The lowest attendance at Roker Park was for an FA Cup first round match against Fairfield on February 2, 1895, estimated to be around 1000.

Who had the lowest attendance at a presidential inauguration?

the lowest ever, was Hitler the president of Germany in 1939. but he was ALLOWED to be president because he'd use to shoot people who DID NOT vote.

How many people attend major league baseball games?

For the 2010 season, MLB reported its attendance was 73,061,763 for all teams which averaged out to 30,067 per game. The Yankees had the highest average attendance at 46,491 per game and the Indians had the lowest average attendance at 17,181 per game.

When was the lowest temperature recorded in Manchester UK?

it was - 17.5 C in somewhere in stockport :) i know this isn't inner city but it's still a part of Greater Manchester so it counts

What team has the lowest attendance in MLB?

Oakland AthleticsThe Oakland A's have the lowest attendance at the Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum (35,000) and it isn't getting any bigger-- Cisco Field (the proposed replacement) will only have 34,000. They have also set low attendance records; only 23 (no, I'm not missing any digits) people saw them beat the Yankees at Shibe Park early on. 653 people saw them beat the Mariners at the Coliseum in 1979.

What is the lowest attendance ever for an nhl game?

I can't say for sure if this is the lowest, but one of the lowest I ever heard was for a game between the New Jersey Devils and Calgary Flames in the 1980s. The Flames were the home team, and Calgary was in the throes of a terrible blizzard. Total attendance for the game? 334 people, where sellout crowds are typically around 17,000-21,000 for most hockey arenas. Bet they all got rink side seats...

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