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with rune 2hander and str pot i believe 63 str will hit a 19

(p.s. attack doesnt effect how high you hit, attack effects how often you hit)

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What is max hit with 63 strength and 60 attack in runescape?

input your weapon and other equipment you will be using:

What is Max hit with 63 strength and 55 attack in runescape?

I have placed a link below in the "Related Links" section that should take you directly to a Runescape max hit calculator

Is there a limit to how strong you can get on RuneScape?

Yes; there basically is a limit how strong you can be in Runescape , melee wise is level 99 Attack and level 99 Strength.Magic and range is the same , max levels are 99.The maximum combat level in P2P [ Members ] is level 138.The maximum combat level in F2P is level 126.

Max hit with 50 strength and 20 attack in runescape?

Attack has nothing to do with max hit, it just shows how often you hit it. but for strength I can calculate you will hit 7, but priv message me what you wear, and I can give you a more accurate prediction.

Whats the max with 74 strength and 50 attack on runescape What is your max hit?

you can go to and enter your levels and such, it will find your max hit.

What is better amulet of zealots or amulet of strength?

amulet of strength is always a better choice in f2p, your max with it will always be higher than if you have on zealots, according to a max hit calculator. strength ammy is also better for training, and is easy to replace.

What Skill makes your max hit in RuneScape go up?

Attack, Strength, and possibly defence because of these raises your character's level which in turn raises your max hit. It also changes depending on what weapon you use.

What is max hit with 35 strength and 10 attack on Runescape?

strength and weapons are what detirmines how much damage you do. attack determines your accuraccy since you can only equipt steel with a steel 2 handed you might do like 6 or something. there are many calculators available to determine the exact max hit possible. See the related link.

What is max hit with 72 attack and 73 strength in runescape?

you can hit a 36 with full dh.any help add at school right now g2g.. lol edit: pretty sure you can hit more if you are using dharoks special attack. idk the exact hit but try this:

How do you reach Level 128 or 132 on Runescape?

The Max combat is 138. You can gain this combat by training your combat stats; Attack, Strength, Defence, Magic, Ranging, Hitpoints, Prayer And Summoning.

What is max hit with 70 strength?

That will depend on what weapon and your attack bonus's are.

What should the max hit of a level 90 in runescape be?

Depends on if you pot your skills or the weapon you have and your strength level.

What is the max hit with a whip on runescape?

The max hit with a whip with the best strength enhancing Armour and strength boosting prayers and potions is: 480. The abyssal compensates for it's low maximum hit with deadly accuracy and speed.

What is the max damage you can deal in RuneScape?

i think 99 if u have an ancient staff and u attak defence and strength are 99

What is the max hit with a dragon longsword with 70 strength in runescape?

the max hit with a dragon longsword on runescape at lvl 70 str is 17 without spec and 21 with spec however this is when a player wields the longsword with no other items to bouns their str lvl

In runescape what is the abyssal demon's max hit?

The person before Me was a complete idiot, the max at the moment with: 99 Attack 99 Strength + Super Set +Max Bonus +Piety Max hit with Whip is 52, and with any GodSword W/O Spec is 61, with is 93 with an AGS. If your on a slayer task, 10% more. so 57 with a whip and W/O Spec GS 67.

What is the max hit with 99 strength with full dharoks in runescape?

If you had 99 Constitution, and you also had lowest LP, you would be able to hit a 589.

What would your maximum hit on runescape be if you are wearing an mithril scimitar iron legs no boots iron full helmet iron platebody and a ironkite sh xil shield?

The max hit of a player is not just on their weapons & equipments. That depends on what your strength/attack level is.

What is the max money you can get to on RuneScape?

The max money on runescape is 2.147 bill (2 billion 147 million gp).

Max hit with whip without any bonus in runescape?

That depends on your strength level, I have posted you a link below for ya to click so you can find out yourself.

What is the max level in runescape?

146 i beleive

What max lvl can you be on runescape?

138 For free-to-play though you can only reach a maximum level of 126 because summoning is a members skill therefore making the maximum level is lower. All skills that affect your combat level are Attack Strength Magic Ranged Prayer Summoning Constitution and Defence.

What is the average combat level on runescape?

Level 50 the average level each individual player can be is roughly 67 if they are a member and 63 if they are f2p. the average combat level for every player cannot be calculated, as there are thousands of players with combat levels ranging from the lowest (3) to the max (138).

What is the max hit with melee on runescape?

Recent updates from Jagex made all hits 10 times more than they were before. To find the max hit now is about ~600(with special attack and all available potions) Check the link below.

RuneScape max hit?

Its the highest hit you can make in RS.