What is Mercedes logo?

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the Mercedes logo is the three point star

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What does the logo of Mercedes signify?

the logo of mercedesThe three-armed star on the logo of Mercedes signifies the hegemonia on land, water and air. Hegemonia is not a word.

Which car has a triangular logo?


When was the Mercedes logo created?

The original Mercedes logo was created in the early 1920s when two companies combined to create the company. Many years later, the logo has matured along with the company.

How can I tell if a Mercedes is an AMG?

AMG Mercedes Benz has a big Mercedes Benz name logo in relief on the cylinder head cover. The Euro model has just a tri-pointed star

What does Mercedes logo mean?


How many lines of symmetry are in the Mercedes logo?


What automobile has an MM logo?

I believe it is a modified Mercedes and costs about 10X the cost of a regular Mercedes

Which company holds the prestigious jaguar symbol as logo?


Another word for sign of peace?

Mercedes logo, maybe

Where could one order alloy wheels with a Mercedes logo?

One could order alloy wheels with a Mercedes logo on them using mostly any alloy wheel selling company. Or one could go to a Mercedes dealer and order it there.

What is the Mercedes Benz slogan or logo?

For Mercedes are a few:Unlike any otherMercedes-Benz. The Future of the AutomobileEngineered to move the human spirit

Hood ornament for emil jellinek's daughter?

its the logo of the Mercedes automobile

What car not Mazda nor the m series BMW has an uppercase M as its logo?

Mercedes Benz?

How do you open the hood of Mercedes e350?

Just read the manual is there, if you are lazy enough to read the manual is under the steering wheel and than open the latch under the Mercedes logo

Where is the hood latch of a 1997 Mercedes SL 500 Roadster?

Look inside the middle triangle of the MBZ logo...

What Car logo that looks like a y in a circle?

That would be Mercedes Benz, the German luxury auto maker.

What actors and actresses appeared in Logo Cedo - 1910?

The cast of Logo Cedo - 1910 includes: Alda Aluise Pedro Dias Arthur do Carmo Guilherme Louzada Mercedes Villa

How do you remove the steering wheel on a 1984 Mercedes 300?

To remove the steering wheel on a 1984 Mercedes 300 you first need to remove the Mercedes logo in the center of the wheel to access the bolt holding the wheel in place. A 10mm allen socket with a 6-inch extension is needed to remove the bolt.

How do you make brazo de Mercedes?

Hi there, you will need the following ingredients... 1. mercedes sls63 AMG 2. mercedes badge 3. mercedes headlights to be turned on at all times during cooking 4. turn air con on highest temperature 5. place a cake with a mercedes logo from step number 2 into the heated car from step number 4 and after 1000 hours you will have a brazo de mercedes 6. give the car and meal to beeso cheers buddy

When I took my Mercedes in for regular services they adhered a round symbol or emblem on the front. it is different than the Mercedes symbol. What does this second round emblem mean?

It's probably a dealer logo/ advertisement. It might also be a mileage (actually kilometer) award. Mercedes are known for their longevity and the company takes pride in issuing badges to ones that have passed 250,000, 500,000, 750,000, 1,000,000 kilometer and one million-mile marks. It is a round badge attached to the grill with the MB logo and a wreath.

What is the crown logo on the logo quiz?

The crown logo in the logo quiz is likely 'Corona' the Mexican beer.

Why is the smart logo the smart logo?

because its the smart logo

Is Mercedes and Mercedes Benz are same?

yes they are. Merc is short for Mercedes and Mercedes is short for Mercedes-Benz

What instrument rhymes with 'logo'?

Oboe is a near-rhyme of 'logo'.

What is Logo Artist?

A logo artist is a person that designs a logo. It is just another name for logo designer.