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What is Mercury's core mostly made of?

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== == Mercury has an iron-nickel core.

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What is mercurys core mostly made of?


Mercurys core is mostly made out of?

It is believed to be mostly iron.

What is the diameter of Mercurys core?

The diameter od mercurys core is 3,600 km, 2,235 miles.

Is mercurys core made up of lava?

Good question. But I have to say no. Mercury's core is not made out of lava. Its core is made out of iron. But mercury was formed by volcanos and still has active volcanoes on it.

Describe the core of Mercury?

It is .................idk its mercurys core.

Which planet has the largest core by the diameter of the plant?

I believe it is Mercury. Mercurys core is 75 percent of its planet. Its core is made of Iron. You might want to do more research though I am not Exactly sure.

What is the core of the earth made from?

The Earth's core is made from (mostly) iron and nickel. There is a solid inner core, and a liquid outer core.

Earths core is made of an alloy of?

earth core is made of an alloy of.... MOSTLY IRON AND NICKEL

What is Earth's outer core made of?

Earth's outer core is made mostly of iron and nickel.

What is the earth core made of?

Earth's core is made mostly of iron and nickel. It is divided into a liquid outer core and a solid inner core.

What is mercurys surface material?

mercurys surface material is made out of nothing but craters

The inner core is made mostly of what?


What layers of the earth is mostly made of metals?

Inner core and outer core.

What is Uranus' core made from?

Uranus's core is mostly made up of rock with an icy mantle.

Is mercurys core really hot or just hot?

The core of Mercury is very hot and not at all cold. The core is made up of iron rich ore which has an almost complete molten liquid global magentic field.

Is Saturn mostly made out of a gas or rock?

Saturn is mostly made of gas, but the core is probably rock.

What is the earths core mostly made of?

basalt and granite

What is earths inner core mostly made of?


What layers of the earth are made mostly of metals?

The core.

What is earth's core mostly made out of?

The Inner (solid) and Outter (liquid) Core are made up of Nickel and Iron.

What is the core of thr earth made of?

The core of the earth is filled with mostly molten iron.

Is the earths core made of hard rock?

No. The Earth's core is divided into two parts: a solid inner core and a liquid outer core, moth made mostly of iron.

What is the inner and outer core of the earth made of?

The inner and the outer core of the earth are made up iron and nikel mostly.

Is the earth's outer core liquid?

Yes, earth's outer core is made of mostly liquid.

WHAT Mercury's core is mostly made up of?

I believe it is IRON.