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Mercury the planet is the closest Planet to the Sun.

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mercury is the smallest planet in the solar system

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Q: What is Mercury known for?
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What is Mercury well-known for?

Mercury is known for its dimbiness

What is mercury's known satellites?

mercury has no known satellites .

When was the Mercury's atom discovered?

Mercury is known from many thousands years; a discoverer is not known.

Who discovered Mercury and when did he she discover it?

Mercury was known to the ancients.

Were there eruptions observed on Mercury?

No, because there are no known volcanoes on Mercury.

What are the name of satellites of planet Mercury?

There are no known satellites of Mercury.

What are mercury's four important moons?

Mercury has no known moons.

Is there any known life on mercury?

There is no known life on Mercury. The planet's proximity to the sun makes it inhospitable to any known form of life.

What time was Mercury found?

Both the planet Mercury and the substance (element) mercury have been known since ancient times. When either was first noticed is not known.

How many known satellites does Mercury have?

Mercury actually has no known satellites. Jupiter has the most known satellites, with 67, of any planet in the Solar System.

Which asteroids and comets are on Mercury?

There are no known asteroids or comets that have impacted Mercury.

What is Mercury know for?

mercury is mostly known for its wild and warm colors

What is the number of known satellites on Mercury?

Mercury has no known natural satellites, and there are no man-made satellites from earth orbiting that planet.

Mercury is the god of what?

Mercury is said to be the god of the messengers. He was known as Hermes. But he is also known as the God of profit, trade and commerce.

When was the planet Mercury discoved?

The planet Mercury has been known since ancient times. The earliest known observations of Mercury were from Assyrian astronomers around the 14th century BCE.

What is the other name for Mercury?

Mercury the liquid metal is also known as quicksilver

What is known as quick silver?


Hermes is also known as what?

Hermes is known as Mercury in the Roman pantheon.

Who discoverd Mercury?

Mercury has been known from ancient times, before 2000 BC.

How long ago was mercury discovered?

Mercury has been known since ancient times.

Who discoverd the element mercury?

Mercury was discovered in prehistoric times; therefore, its discoverer is not known.

Who is the Roman god of merchants?

Mercury also known as Hermes

When was the metal Mercury discovered?

Not known; mercury was discovered many thousand years ago.

What is the unique fact of Mercury?

Mercury is best known for being the planet that is closest to the sun.

What was mercury once known as?

mercury was once called 'quicksilver'

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