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" The greatest hit by Michael Jackson was Thriller

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Elizabeth Taylor is Michael Jackson's number one fan

Michael Jacksons first US number one was "Ben" and was on the album "Ben".

You may be talking about Scream, a 1995 duet between the two.

I think it was "Blues Away" which was on The Jacksons' album "The Jacksons."

Tabloid Junkie, Privacy, Scream, Leave Me Alone are some songs he has about the papparazzi. Michael Jackson didn't only have one song. He had plenty of songs about the papparazzi.

Earth Song by Michael Jackson (number one for 6 weeks)

yes Michael jacksons doctor was there when he passedaway.

Michael Jackson's number one hit is Thriller followed by Billie Jean.

"We Are The World," by Michael Jackson, was the number one song on April 4, 1985.

The number one song on January 1, 1988 was "Faith" by George Michael.

"Faith" by George Michael

There is more than one Pepsi advert. Michael Jackson made an advertisement for Pepsi Cola featuring a version of his 'Bad' song with other Jacksons in 1984.

The number 1 hit song by Michael Jackson in 1979 was "Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough"

thriller. it was the longest running song.

He had more then one, the names are not known.

His first solo number one was in 1972 with the song Ben.

The album Number Ones was released in 2003. For a list of is individual numbers one songs and there release dates, see related links.

Thriller by the late Michael Jackson.

"Ben" by Michael Jackson was the number 1 hit song on October 12, 1972.

No one. The Jacksons still own that house.

The number one song on January 1, 1984 was "Say, Say, Say" by Paul McCartney & Michael Jackson.

Michael said one time in an interview that his song was about a girl named Angela Carter. She was the girl Martina McBride was talking about in Concrete Angel. He said the video touched his heart.

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