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Microsoft Windows is a computer operating system.

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How do you use Microsoft Windows?

You don't use Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Windows uses you.

What Microsoft Windows will succeed Windows 7?

Microsoft Windows 8 will suceed windows 7.

Is Internet Explorer Microsoft or Windows?

Microsoft make windows. It is made by Microsoft for their windows operating system!! Note: Internet explorer it is a part of windows. inbuild of windows opreting systems. it developed by Microsoft.

How Many Microsoft Windows is there?

1 billon

What is the difference between Microsoft and windows?

Microsoft is a company who sells a product called "Microsoft Windows."

Does windows 8.1 come with Microsoft office?

No. Windows is seperate from Microsoft Coportation. Windows is a subsidary of Microsoft therfore you will have to purchase Office.

What is the difference between Microsoft Windows xp and Microsoft?

Microsoft Windows XP is an operating system. Microsoft is the company that created it.

What are Parts of Microsoft PowerPoint windows?

What are Parts of microsoft powerpoint windows?

Microsoft Windows XP and Microsoft Windows Vista are?

They are operating systems.

Is Microsoft a windows application?

Microsoft is not a windows application. Microsoft is the name of the company that creates many well known Windows applications. These include Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Powerpoint and Microsoft Access, amongst many others.

Which windows does Microsoft Office 2010 support?

Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7 will support Microsoft 2010.

When was Microsoft Windows launched?

Microsoft Windows 1.1 was released into the public in 1985.

Who made windows movie macker?

Microsoft. As is Microsoft Windows Movie Maker.

What are the operating system made by Microsoft windows?

The company is called "Microsoft", the operating system is called "Microsoft Windows".

What are 3 different OS created by Microsoft?

Microsoft DOS, Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows ME, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7.

What is the latest version of micrasoft windows?

Microsoft Windows Vista but you can download a beta version of Microsoft Windows 7

Who established Microsoft office windows?

There really isn't anything called Microsoft office windows. I think you meant Microsoft Windows, that was developed by Bill Gates

Which software is available for Microsoft Windows for workflow issues?

The only fix for Microsoft Windows for workflow issues is a update on the Microsoft website. Go there and search for "Microsoft Windows workflow" and it will pop up.

Are Microsoft Windows XP and Microsoft Windows Vista two operating systems?


Who invented Microsoft Windows 95?

Microsoft and Bill Gates invented Windows 95

Can you download Microsoft office 2010 on windows xp?

Yes, you can. Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7 support Microsoft 2010.

Does Microsoft 2000 professional include Microsoft Word?

No. Microsoft Windows 2000 Pro and Windows Office are separate products.

Are Microsoft and Windows the same?

Microsoft is the name of a software company, the full name being Microsoft Corporation. Microsoft Windows is an operating system, one of the products that Microsoft produces.

What verions of Windows can use Microsoft Office Communicator?

Microsoft Office Communicator is functional with Windows XP and Windows Vista.

What type of software is Microsoft Windows Server 2003?

The Microsoft Windows Server 2003 is software which is an operating system for computers. It was succeeded by Microsoft Windows Server 2008, and followed Windows server 2000.

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