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Q: What is Miley Cryus' dad famous for?
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How did miley start her carer?

well mileys dad (Billy Ray Cryus) is a famous country singer. so really miley was discovered because of her dad..

When did Miley Cryus become famous?

She was 14

How long has miley cryus been famous?

Miley Cyrus has been famous for 7 years

Is Miley Cryus more famous than Selena gomez?

Nope. Selena Gomez is more famous than Miley

Names of miley cryus mum and dad?

mom - Lecita Cyrus or Tish dad Billy Ray Cyrus

Who are Miley Ray Cryus parents?

her dad is billy ray Cyrus and her mum is known as 'tish'

Can you be more famous than miley cryus?

YES!!! it wouldn't be that Hard AT ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What is miley named after?

First miley's birth name was called destiny hope cryus then growing up dhe was called miley cryus then miley ray cryus.

Who is Hannah Montana manger?

Billy Ray Cryus AKA her dad!!!! Billy Ray Cryus AKA her dad!!!! Billy Ray Cryus AKA her dad!!!!

How old was miley cryus when she started to sing?

She started singing with her dad when she was 2...but on her own, she started singing when she was 12

Is miley cryus fat?


Did miley cryus get pregnant?

She will.

Did miley cryus have a baby?

No she does not.

Is Miley cryus engaged?


Is Miley cryus prenagent?


How many siblings does miley cryus have?

Miley Cryus has 2 sisters and 2 brothers shes the middle child.

Has miley cryus smoked?

Miley Cyrus does not smoke

Are miley couins famous from Miley becoming famous or are they just famous from who they are?

I know that Miley's dad was a singer before Miley, but I dont know about her cousins. Probably they became famous either from her dad, or Miley herself.

Why is miley cirus famous?

because Miley dad is famous so when she started singing she had her dad to help her get a career

Where is miley cryus from?

Miley Cyrus was born in Nashville, Tennessee

What is miley cryus child name?

Miley don't have child.

Is miley cryus dead?

Absolutely not. *

She have fish miley cryus?

No,She dosen't...

Is miley cryus ugly?


Is Miley cryus in jail?