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Q: What is Miley and Becky rosso's official fansite?
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What is Miley rosso number?

I know milly rossos phone number #856-629-6190. I called it and becky answered so i asked for milly.

What is Miley and Becky rosso official website?

CAN I talk 2 Miley Cyrus?

you can talk to miley if you go on her fansite and you can see it there

What is Miley and Becky rosso's Bebo?

on milly and beckys official myspace they said ina video that they do not have a bebo

Do Miley and Becky have a boyfriend?


How can you tell Miley and Becky rosso apart?

Milly is taller than Becky.

What are Miley and Becky favorite colour?


Where do Miley and Becky live now?


Where can you find a picture of Miley Cyrus 13 year old brother?

probably on a miley cyurs fansite or something like that.

What school do Miley and Becky rosso go to?

Milly and Becky go to Malibu High School.

What color is Miley and Becky rosso's hair?


What is Miley and Becky's mother's name?

Anthea Rosso

Is reese witherspoon related to Miley and Becky rosso?

No, she is not.

How tall are miley and becky rosso?

5' 7"

What are Miley and Becky russo favorite color?


What year were Miley and Becky rosso born?

they were born in 1994

What films do Miley and Becky rosso play in?

Legally Blondes

What is Miley and Becky rosso real age of 2011?


What is the cell phone number of Miley and Becky rosso?

Becky and milly rosso number is 856-629-6190

Do Miley and Becky rosso have fake tans?

No, Milly and Becky do not have fake tans. They really did get tan over the summer.

Where are Miley Becky rosso orignally from?

Aylesbury, London, England, UK

How can you write a letter to Miley Cyrus and what is her address?

My guess the only way to contact her, would be to go on her fansite and join.

Were Miley and Becky rosso in bedtime stories?

no.they never were in bedtime stories

What is Miley and Becky star doll pass?

it is use rcorryn123 pass welcome123

How do you look like Miley and Becky rosso?

- Long Hair, with fringe.- Smile.