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Football and Basketball

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Q: What is Mississippi's state sport?
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What is mississippis state nickname?

The Magnolia State

What is Mississippis nickname?

The Magnolia State

What is Mississippis state capital?


What is Mississippis state tree?

maple tree

What is Mississippis nick name?

mangalloa state

Who is mississippis state hero more info about he or she?

Marsha Blackburn

What are Mississippis state national parks?

Vicksburg National Military Park

What is Mississippis state color?

From my point i did a big report on Mississippi, after lots of research i believe its purple.

What is Mississippis area?


What is Mississippis population?


What is Mississippis abreveation?


What was Mississippis largest alligator?


Where is Mississippis end?

at the gulf of mexica

What is Mississippis region?

South east

What is Mississippis motto?

Virtue te armis

Is Mississippis national river is Mississippi river?


What is Californias state sport?

Football is California's state sport.

What is the Minnesota state sport?

the minnesota state sport is hockey

What is Mississippis nickname and how did it get it?

The official nickname for Mississippi is The Magnolia State. It has that nickname because of the beauty of the magnolia trees in Mississippi. The magnolia tree is the official state tree for Mississippi. The magnolia is the official state flower for Mississippi.

What is Maryland's state sport?

Jousting is Maryland's State Individual Sport. Lacrosse is their team sport

What is the State sport of Pakistan?

The state sport of Pakistan is Field Hockey.

What is Alaskas state sport?

Alaska's state sport: Dog Mushing

Does Michigan have a state sport?

The state sport of Michigan would be Hockey

Which two states share mississippis western border?

Arkansas and Louisiana do.

What is facts about Mississippi?

Mississippis state nickname is the magonolia state.It has the lowest income of the US states.It is the 20th US State.It is the 32nd state in area.Its capital is Jackson.The official state toy is the Teddy is ends on Louisiana