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What is Mississippi's state code?

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Did you mean area code? They are 228, 601, and 662. If you are dialing from outside North America, you have to dial the country code for US (which is "1") and then the area code.

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What are Mississippis state national parks?

Vicksburg National Military Park

What is Mississippis state color?

From my point i did a big report on Mississippi, after lots of research i believe its purple.

What is mississippis zip code?

There are more than one. We'd need a town name and probably a specific street address.

What is facts about Mississippi?

Mississippis state nickname is the magonolia state.It has the lowest income of the US states.It is the 20th US State.It is the 32nd state in area.Its capital is Jackson.The official state toy is the Teddy Bear.it is ends on Louisiana

What is Mississippis nickname and how did it get it?

The official nickname for Mississippi is The Magnolia State. It has that nickname because of the beauty of the magnolia trees in Mississippi. The magnolia tree is the official state tree for Mississippi. The magnolia is the official state flower for Mississippi.

What is the plural possessive form of Mississippi?

The question is a bit confusing. Since there is only one state and one river named Mississippi, I can't think of a use for a plural form of the noun.If, for some reason you would have a use for a plural form, it would be two Mississippis. The plural possessive form would be the two Mississippis' border.

What are Mississippis natural resources?

Fish,cotton , and corn are all natural resources for mississippi

How many Mississippis can you fit in New Mexico?

The area of New Mexico is 121,445 sq mi; Mississippi is 47,358 sq mi ...121445 ÷ 47358 = 2.5644 ≈ 2.6(A little more than 2½ Mississippis can fit into New Mexico.)

What state code is for La?

What's the state code for Louisiana?

What is the state code of Karachi or Pakistan?

25000 is the state code of Pakistan

What are Mississippis three largest cities and their populations?

the three largest populations of Mississippi are jakson ,gulfpork,and hatteiesburg

What is the postal code for Enugu State?

The postal code for Enugu State is 400.

Delta state postal code?

delta state postal code, effurun

What is the postal code of ondo state?

the zip code for Ondo State is 23434

Zip code for kogi state Nigeria?

kogi state postal code

What is the zip code of Anambra State Of Nigeria?

The zip code for Anambra State is 2349961

What is the Postal code for Effurun in Delta State?

what is the postal code for uvwie delta state

What is the post code for Abia state in Nigeria?

The postal code of Abia State is: 440000. The postal code of Umuahia is 440001.

Area code 217 is in which ZIP code?

A zip code is for a city or part of a city. An area code is for a whole state or part of a state. The area code (217) is for part of the state of Illinois. There are 341 cities that fall within this area code. There will not be a way to determine the zip code based on area code.

Mississippis time zone?

The whole state of Mississippi is in the American Central Standard Time Zone (CST, UTC -6) and observes daylight saving time (UTC -5) from the second Sunday in March through the first Sunday in November.

What is Mississippis state animal?

Mississippi has many state signs, here are all of them. ^_^ .State bird - Mocking BirdState Game Bird - Wood DuckState Mammal - White Tailed DeerState Water Mammal - Bottlenosed DolphinState Insect - Honey BeeState Shell - OysterState Fish - Largemouth BassState Butterfly - Spicebush SwallowtailState Fossil - The prehistoric whale Zygorhiza KochiiState Flower - MagnoliaState tree - MagnoliaState Stone - Petrified WoodState Soil - Natchez ( Unofficial )State beverage - Milk

Swift code OS state bank of patiala?

swift code state bank of patiala

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