What is Monsters?


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"Monsters" began as high school film project written by Eric Modyman and filmed by Erich Schroeder. They also casted themselves into the film, along with Amanda Avila, Danielle Carriedo, Meghan English, and Candace Kraft.

"Monsters" is about five teenagers who gain both a super power and a debilitating weakness after a scientist tests a super soldier formula on them. Two use their powers for selfish gain, and the remaining three set out to stop them.

Two planned sequels, titled "Monsters 2" and "Monsters 3", are scheduled for a Summer 2008 release. Monsters 2 introduces five new teenage test subjects.

Summary of Monsters

The film opens with the introduction of Doctor Marcoh. Marcoh's research is funded by an unidentifiable man. The two meet "somewhere in the Caribbean", and the man demands results from Marcoh or else he will cut her funding.

In desperation, Marcoh requests five teenagers to take part in a survey for what she refers to as "Monster energy drink."

After they drink it, they pass out and wake up in strange outfits. They find Marcoh, who tells them that they have just been used as lab experiments for a super soldier formula. Each one received a unique power based on what he or she drank: + Eric can teleport + Joey can create objects out of thin air + Trixi absorbs life force through vines + Nicole creates fire + Nina turns water into ice.

The formula was not perfected. Along with the acquisition of power, the drinks also handicapped each teen in some way. - Eric cannot leave the suit he awoke in - Joey cannot speak - Trixi must use her power to stay alive - Nicole uses up the oxygen in her lungs to create fire - Nina's body melts in warm temperatures.

Trixi and Nicole decide to use their powers for their own selfish needs, and its up to the other three to stop them.

Monsters 2

"Monsters 2" continues a while after the events of the previous film. Eric and Joey integrated back into the regular world. They use their powers to prevent petty crime. After stopping a purse burglar, they meet five other teens subjected to Monsters testing. Together, they decide to find the research labs, and put an end to Marcoh's work.


monsters are many things. its a movie, a thery, a fear, and an effect of helusinations from drugs.