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What is Mr Krabs full name?

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Eugene Harold Krabs

2009-11-05 04:10:26
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What is the middle name of Mr Krabs?

The full name of Mr. Krabs is Eugene H. Krabs. The 'H' in his name stand for 'Harold'.

What is mr cabs name out of sponge bob?

I take it you mean Mr Krabs? His full name is Eugene H. Krabs

What is mr crabs full name?

Eugene krabs

What is Mr Krabs's daughters full name?

Pearl Krabs. That's all.

What is Mr krabs middle name?

Eugene Harold Krabs .

What is mr krabs real name?

Eugene Harold Krabs

What is mr crabs first name?

Mr Krabs first name is Eugene and so the he is called eugene krabs

Who is Mr. Krabs from Bikini Bottom in SpongeBob?

He is the owner of the Krusty Krab and Spongebob's boss. He is a cheapskate. His full name is Eugene Harold Krabs.

What is mr krabs nickname in the army?

His name was Armor-Abs Krabs.

What is Spongebob's boss name?

Eugine Krabs , or in other words Mr. Krabs

Was mr krabs a navy officer or a pirate?

Mr krabs was a pirate after his grandad but Mr krabs didn't want to share his treasure so he opened the krusty krab! Which was the name of his ship!!

Mr krabs daughters name?

Pearl .

What is the crabs name in SpongeBob?

Mr Krabs

What the name of the managaer in Sponge Bob?

Mr. Krabs (Eugene Krabs) is the manager of the Krusty Krab.

What is the name of Mr Krabs boat?

The S.S. Cheapskate!

Who is mr krab's real name?

Eugine Krabs

What is the name of mr krabs' enemy?


What is squidwards boss name called?

Mr. Krabs

How old is mr krabs daughter?

Mr krabs' daughter is 16

What is Mr. Krabs obessed with?

Mr. Krabs is obsessed with money.

When was Mr. Krabs created?

Mr. Krabs was created in 1999.

What is Mr Krabs Mother called?

momma krabs

What is Mr Krabs' daughter's name in Spongebob?


What is mrkrabs full name in spongebob?

Mr.Krabs' full name is Eugene Harold Krabs.

What is Mr. crabs last name on Spongebob?

His last name is Krabs.