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What is Mustard Gas chemical Cocktail?

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Mustard Gas (Yperite) was first used by the German Army in September 1917. It had disastrous affect on humans who were exposed to this dangerous vapor. Mustard gas is a strong compound that causes blisters. Choosing the right safety gear like gas masks would help protect oneself from Nuclear, Chemical & Biological agents

Mustard gas was used in chemical warfare as early as World War I by Germans and as late as the Iran-Iraq War in 1980-1988. Sulfur mustard is a thick liquid, which was made for use as a chemical weapon.

The sulfur mustards, of which mustard gas is a member, are a class of related vesicant chemical warfare agents with the ability to form large blisters on exposed skin. In their pure form most sulfur mustards are colorless, odorless, viscous liquids at room temperature. The name "mustard" comes from the smell associated with impure mustard gas, which is usually yellow-brown in color and has an odor resembling mustard plants, garlic or horseradish.

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What is a chemical warfare?

Warfare using mustard gas and chlorine gas.

Chemical symbol of mustard gas?

Cl Chlorine

How was war fought before and after the invention of mustard gas?

Before the invention of the mustard gas, was was fought using tear-inducing irritants, while after the invention of mustard gas, war was fought using chemical weapons.

How many british soldiers died from mustard gas?

What is Mustard gas What is Mustard gas

What chemical munitions were stored on the island of Okinawa?

agent orange, vx gas, mustard gas. seran

What was the new chemical weapon used during world war 1?

Tear Gas and Mustard Gas

When was mustard gas banned?

The Geneva Protocol of 1925 banned the use of gas weapons including mustard types. It was further banned by the Chemical Weapons Convention of 1993.

What is a chemical cocktail?

Chemical Cocktail refers to the combination of chemical compounds that exist in the environment

What chemical weapons were used in world war 2?

Mainly Mustard Gas.

What are chlorine and mustard gas?

they are yuseous chemical compound's that are highly toxic to humans

What did the chemical weapons from Syria contain?

blistering-mustard-agent(mustard gas), V.X.-nerve-agent, sarin-nerve-agent.

What is found in mustard gas?

mustard and gas

What chemical dyed hair during the ww?

I think it might be called "mustard gas..."

What are some chemical weapons from World War 1?

Mustard gas, smoke bombs.

What was mustard gas like?

mustard gas kills you

Symptoms of mustard gas?

signs and symptoms of mustard gas

Is mustard gas made of mustard plant?

No, its called 'mustard' gas because it has a yellow colour.

What kind of agent was mustard gas?

Mustard Gas was a blister agent.

What chemical agent has onset of blisters and dry cough that turns productive?

You think probable to mustard gas.

What chemical weapon did Germany invent in world war 1?

Mustard Gas was introduced into warfare in September of 1917.

What chemical agent can delayed of blisters and a dry productive cough that later turns productive?

This is the mustard gas (C4H8Cl2S).

How does the chlorine an mustard gas effect the soldiers?

A chemical agent that attacks the skin and eyes, mustard gas is one of the best known and most potent chemical weapons. It causes severe blisters and, if inhaled, can damage the lungs and other organs. It is usually disabling-sometimes gruesomely so-but not fatal. Unlike other chemical agents, mustard gas does not produce immediate effects; symptoms of exposure appear one to six hours later. This makes mustard gas especially insidious, as victims can suffer tissue damage before they even realize they need treatment. Mustard gas also attacks a cell's DNA, increasing the risk of cancer and birth defects. Mustard gas is a blister agent, which limits its appeal as a weapon because it is less likely to prove deadly than nerve agents like sarin and VX. But depending on the level of exposure, mustard gas can also leave victims with more lasting injuries.

What kind of gas was used in the trenches during World War 1?

It was called 'Mustard Gas'.

Is there an antidote for mustard gas?

Yes It's called mustard gas antidote. Google it if you wish.

Is yellow mustard gas in salt?

Any link between mustard gas and table salt.