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What is NVu?

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June 09, 2008 12:58PM

NVu (pronounced "in view") is an open source software, meaning it's totally free to download, use, distribute, reference, document, etc. The term open source means that the actual source code behind the software is available to anyone who wants to take a peek or even those who have the skills can add to the source code to help make the program better. With that said, some open source developers welcome input codes from various users. On the other hand, other open source developers welcome you making additions to your own copy of the software, but only release your codes in the "release" package if they are really good ideas for the software.

NVu is a website editor. It has been compared throughout the Internet to be comparable to Adobe DreamWeaver CS3; however this comparison is quite laughable. NVu is still in rather early stages of development. It has wellknown bugs, crashing at the worst possible times, and is even known to corrupt your HTML files. Also, because it is still not yet very mature, it lacks in many features that would make the program so much better. However the vision the developers had in mind for NVu was admirable, NVu has lost interest from the developers and has been abandoned for about 3 years now. It appears however, that a similar program called KompoZer is picking up where NVu left off and is gaining ground quickly, with an active release cycle.

So if you are looking for a very free, very simple, potentially frustrating piece of software, go ahead and download it. But some things are just better left to the professional (proprietary - meaning retail) counterparts, and this is certainly the case when creating website from a professional environment because there is yet to be a decent, comparable alternative to Adobe DreamWeaver CS3. KompoZer may get close one day.