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Ned Kelly

What is Ned Kellys Middle name?

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What was the name of ned kellys horse?

what was the name of ned kellys horse

What was ned kellys fathers name?


What is ned kellys first name?


What is ned kellys sisters name?


What is Ned Kellys full name?

Ned kelly full name is: Edward Kelly!

Did Ned Kelly's parent have any children?

Is this a trick question, Ned Kellys parents had a child called 'Ned Kelly' and two other children named Dan and Kate (Ned Kellys brother and sister.).

What was ned kelly's life?

ned kellys life was liek a angle in hell

What was ned kellys height?

5.96 feet

How did ned kellys life end?

he died

What is the name of the small town in Australia which is famous for outlaw Ned Kellys Last Stand?


What were ned kellys brothers names?

Dan kelly

What happened to ned kellys family?

Allah killed them

Where did Ned kellys dad go to prison?

he didn't

Was Ned Kellys decapitated head buried with his body?

no it wasnt.

How long did Ned Kellys trial last?

two days

Why did dan kelly become a bushranger?

Because he is ned kellys brother

What is kelly kellys middle name?

Her real name is Barbara Jean Blank, so Jean.

Ned kellys birthday?

June 1854 he was born on this day <3 ya

What was the date of ned kellys birth?

Either June 1854 or June 1855

When did Sidney nolan paint the kelly series?

when did Sidney Nolan paint Ned Kelly ned kellys series were painted in 1947

What was Ned Kellys Career?

Edward (Ned) Kelly was a bush ranger, he robbed various places in New South Wales and Victoria.

What were Ned Kellys famous last words?

"Such is life, I'll see you where I'm going."

What was Ned Kelly's REAL Middle name?

None. He was Edward Kelly. Ned is a colloquial rendering of Edward.

Lessons to be learned in ned kellys life?

the lessons to be learned in kellys life is mostly be yourself if kelly didnt be himself or do anything he did to get his message across he wouldn't be an Australian hero today!

Who were Ned Kelly's family?

ned kellys whole family were brother called Dan Kelly father called John Kelly and mother called Ellen Kelly.