What is Nevada's agriculture?

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Hot aand dry except in summer it is rainy and stormy then.
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What is Nevada's nickname?

Nevada actually has 3 nicknames they are the silver state,the sagebrush state, and the battle born state The Silver State, because of all the silver mined there.

What is agriculture?

By definition, Agriculture is "the science or practice of farming,including cultivation of the soil for the growing of crops and therearing of animals to provide food, wool, and other products." However, when people are asked what comes to mind when they hearthe word, "agriculture," that's all they ( Full Answer )

What is Nevada's biggest desert?

The Great Basin Desert covers a large portion of Nevada. The Mojave Desert covers a small part in extreme southern Nevada.

What is Nevada's climate?

Nevada's climate is hot and dry. It usually is remembered as a desert. Also it usually never rains but sometimes there lucky. your dumb

What is Nevada's state animal?

The state animal for Nevada is the Desert Bighorn Sheep. Its state bird is the Mountain Bluebird, the state fish is the Lahontan Cutthroat Trout, and the state reptile is the Desert Tortoise.

What are Nevada's babysitting laws?

I live in Nevada, and I believe you must be around 12 through 13 years old to babysit. I took a babysitting class at age 12

What was Nevada's population in 1864?

I couldn't find 1864 but I found 1861 the answer is.... uh..... wait a few seconds..1..2..3..4..5..6..7..8..9..10! I know! The answer is 14,404!!

What is Nevada's state grass?

Nevada's state grass is Indian Rice Grass. It was eaten by early Americans and by desert animals. It is seen all over Nevada and is very tough.

What is Nevada's state dog?

None. . The desert bighorn sheep ( Ovis canadensis nelson i) is Nevada's state animal.

What is Nevada's size?

it is 25 because i know it is i study it im smart i am out of school and college believe me kids okay from Jacob Ray Carmona

What are Nevada's industries?

Key industries of Nevada are aerospace and Defense. Without sayingLas Vegas of Nevada is known for it's Gaming and Gambling industry.

What are the biomes of Nevada's mountains?

The biomes of the mountains of Nevada include the prairie biome andthe Alpine biome. There are also several Foothill Woodland biomesin this area.

What is Nevada's terrain?

The terrain in the state of Nevada varies from mountains to valleysto the desert land. There are lakes, such as Lake Tahoe, whichprovide an oasis like effect.

What is Nevada's literacy rate?

Nevada has 84 percent of its population is that is literate. 16percent lack basic literacy skills. California has the lowestliteracy rate of any state with 23 percent of its populationlacking basic literacy skills.

What is Nevada's state butterfly?

Although some states have an official state butterfly, Nevada isnot one of them. The most common butterflies that are seen inNevada are the Skipper, Blue Butterfly, Monarch, and Painted Lady.

Can you do agriculture?

Yes.. Agriculture is basically farming. Growing crops, cultivatingland, raising livestock, etc etc. You could grow a vegetablegarden. That's 'doing' agriculture.

What are Nevada's population?

The population recorded in 2007 was 2,565,382. . The population of Nevda is 2 million people to about 2 million 600 thousand people....

Why do you have agriculture?

Without agriculture, we would have no food, and would have starved to death long ago. Many medicines are made from agricultural products as well.

Why is Nevada's capital Carson City?

because when they were counting how many people were in each city as Nevada was becoming a state, Carson city had the more people than any other county

Where are Nevada's minerals?

Nevada's minerals are all over the place. If you want to know where, search google. Anonymous

What is agriculture about?

Agriculture - The word derived from ager (Latin) or agros (Greek) means land while cultura (Latin)means cultivation . So, it is field(land) cultivation for crop production.

What are Nevada's crops?

hay accounts for over half of the total value of crops produced in the state. ...

Why is Sagebrush Nevada's state flower?

Because, when the first people here in Nevada settled, they had nothing to eat so they lived on sage brush till they could find food.

What are Nevada's food products?

Nevada's top five agricultural products are cattle and calves, hay, dairy products, onions, and potatoes

What are Nevada's state meaning?

The name Nevada is derived from the nearby Sierra Nevada mountains, which means "snow-capped mountain range" in Spanish.

What was Nevada's population in 1950?

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What does Nevada's flag represent?

The Nevada State Flag is cobalt blue. In the upper left hand corner are two sprays of sagebrush, the Nevada State Flower, in a semi-circular design. Above the sprays is the state name, "NEVADA", a Spanish word for "Snowclad" as a reminder of the great peaks of the Sierra Nevada mountain range. Above ( Full Answer )

Where does Nevada's name come from?

The name of the state comes from the mountain range known as theSierra Nevada. "Nevada" itself is a Spanish word meaning "snowy,covered with snow".

What is nevada's major industries?

There are a variety of major industries in Nevada. These includecasinos, business services, real estate, tourism, as well aslawyers.

What is Nevada's constitution?

Nevada's constitution doesn't have a nickname, it is just "TheConstitution of the State of Nevada". It recognizes what the statelaws are and was created in 1864.

Who is Nevada's Mayor?

There are different mayors for the different areas of Nevada.Carolyn Goodman is the mayor of Las Vegas, Geno Martini is mayor ofSparks, and Andy Hafen is mayor of Henderson.

What is Nevada's exploration?

Well i dont know because i have a state project on nevada plz give all the information u know

What can we do about agriculture?

If you like to eat, I would suggest supporting it. Those in the business of food, fiber, and fuel production need the support of all consumers of their products. For example, if you support organic food production, then buy as much as you can and ask farmers in your area if they will produce it ( Full Answer )

What are Nevada's agricultural products?

Agriculture is one of Nevada's most important industries, contributing significantly to the economies of rural communities and the state as a whole. Nevada's ranches may be few in number, but they rank third in the nation in size, averaging 3,500 acres.

What are Nevada's special resources?

Nevada has wonderful wide-open spaces for recreation, grazing lands, wildlife, and mountain and desert scenery. More gold is mined in Nevada than currently in any other western state. Nevada boomed during the silver rush of the Comstock Lode and mining for various metals and minerals spread to other ( Full Answer )

What can you do with agriculture?

You can do a lot with agriculture. Over half of the jobs in the world deal with agriculture in one way or another. With agriculture you can produce food to eat or sell or you can manage farms by either working on a farm or by checking a farmers finances. With agriculture there are endless possibilit ( Full Answer )

What is Nevada's state muffin?

States don't have their own particular signature muffins, and some don't even have state foods. Nevada unfortunately, is one of these states.

What is Nevada's present day importance?

Mining , tourism, distribution hub for the western states, skiing up north, massive gambling / casinos down south, open range, peace and quiet if you want it

What is Nevada's traditions?

- Rainbow Sunday is a celebration of the beginning of our beautiful Order. Traditionally it is celebrated on the Sunday nearest to April 6th. - Chautauqua is an institution that flourished in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, providing concerts, and plays and often presented outdoor ( Full Answer )

Who are Nevada's pros?

Nevada has miles of open land to explore. IF your a gun enthusiast you can easily find a place to test out your rifles and handguns. If your and off road enthusiast you can also find trails fairly easy to test even the most customized 4 wheel drive truck or rock climber. Many mountains and cav ( Full Answer )

What are Nevada's land types?

Nevada's land type is deserts and mountains . Nevada has Death Vally in the deserts . I would do is go on Google and find Nevada's land type or go with my answer and my and is right JUST SAYING . AND IT YOU ARE TRYING TO FIND MAJOR RIVERS FOR NEVADA IT IS TRUCHER RIVER AND COLORADO RIVE ( Full Answer )

What is Nevada's old state song?

Home Means Nevada Written & Music by Bertha Raffetto . Way out in the land of the setting sun, Where the wind blows wild and free, There's a lovely spot, just the only one That means home sweet home to me. If you follow the old Kit Carson trail, Until desert meets the hills, Oh you ( Full Answer )

What is nevada's best gambling town?

Las Vegas, hands down. Laughlin for a close second choice (lesscrowds, more outdoor fun between game play but lacks the luxurythat some may seek.) Reno is also a good spot if you find yourselflooking for cooler weather.

When is Nevada's statehood?

Nevada was admitted into the Union on October 31, 1864 becomingthe 36th state to join the Union.