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The Nottingham Forest mascot was originally 'Nutty the Squirrel' (who wore a Robin Hood-style hat) before being replaced with 'Sherwood Bear'. Robin Hood became the club's third mascot at the beginning of the 2007/08 season.
In their 150th anniversary season 2015/16 they reverted by to the much loved Sherwood Bear, albeit with something of a makeover.
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What is forest?

a forest is like the woods, ants, owls, foxes, hedgeogs and lots more live their.

What is a forest?

Forest is a habitat for animals such as: tigers, elephants anddeers (etc). It is also a place with lots of trees and plants.Forests are very important too, because it provide us wood from itstrees and medical herbs from its plants. i have 0 trusts because i am still new but i know alot aboutthings. ( Full Answer )

What is Nottingham famous for?

Answer . Nottingham is famous for Robin Hood and lace making i hate to say it but all its famous for is robin hood and having the most knife crimes and gun crimes in englan and most teenage pregnancies in Europe

What does a forester do?

A forester protects the woods by overseeing the various activities that go on in there. He keeps watch on hunters or woodcutters and checks their illegal activities. He takes care of the animals and organizes protection systems.

Where is Nottingham located?

Nottingham is in the middle of England. Like, right in the middle. It's categorized as being in the East Midlands. Derby is the next city to the west, Leicester to the south, Mansfield to the north and there isn't a big city to the east, but Lincolnshire is the county to the east.

What is a mascot?

A mascot is someone inspirational that is on the sideline or at court side in a event. He/she is basically cheering for it's hoe team.

Who was the Sheriff of Nottingham?

the sheriff of Nottingham was in charge of the county of Nottinghamshire throughout the reign of King John the 1st

Birmingham to Nottingham?

There is approximately 4,250 miles between Birmingham, Alabama andNottingham, United Kingdom. The flight would take about 9 hours ona commercial airline.

What county is Nottingham in?

Nottinghamshire. Nottingham is within Nottinghamshire is everyday parlance. However, if you are being pedantic and technical ~ it is not. In 1449 the then Borough of Nottingham received a Royal Charter. The Charter provided that the Borough of Nottingham with the exception of the Castle and Shire ( Full Answer )

How many Nottingham Forest players have played for England?

Viv Anderson . Garry Birtles . Frank Burton . John Calvey . Gary Charles . Nigel Clough . Colin Cooper . Stan Collymore . Thomas Danks . Peter Davenport . Frank Forman . Fred Forman . Trevor Francis . Arthur Goodyer . Tommy Graham . Alan Hinton . Steve Hodge . James Iremonger . Har ( Full Answer )

What are mascots?

Mascots are something like a bird and are used to advertise the the brand name in puiblic. They are also used for good luck. .

What are facts about Nottingham?

facts about Nottingham It has a castle. The Sherriff of Nottingham was always hunting Robin Hood. Females outnumber males in Nottingham.

What can you get from forest?

forests give us tangible benefits ( which can be quantified in money) and non-tangible benefits ( which cannot be quantified easily). Tangible benefits include timber, fuelwood, medicinal plants , fodder, grasses , fruits, berries and various food articles. Forests also contain fertile soil, mineral ( Full Answer )

What is the population of Nottingham?

the population of Nottingham is 740000 the population of Nottingham is 740000 the population of Nottingham is 740000 the population of Nottingham is 740000

Is Nottingham in derby?

No, in fact they are rival cities and the question may actually offend people from Nottingham, which has problems with gun crime, and Derby, which has its own problems with drugs.. Nottingham is located at 52°57′N 1°08′W , while Derby is located at 52°55.32′N 1°28.55â ( Full Answer )

What is forestation?

A forest is an area with a high density of trees. Forestationrefers to the planting of trees in order to build a forest.

How many trophies did Nottingham Forest win under Brian Clough?

Thirteen as follows: 2 x European Cup 1 x UEFA Super Cup 1 x Intercontinental Cup 1 x League Championship 4 x League Cup 1 x FA Charity Shield 2 x Full members Cup (at the time known as the Simod Cup) 1x Anglo-Scottish Cup (which Clough attributes as the one thatstarted their winning habit) The Foot ( Full Answer )

Where is the location of Nottingham?

Nottingham is in the UK, in the East Midlands (the centre of England) It is near Birmingham but Derby is closer. Leeds is north east of it too. Maybe you should look at a map.

What can you do for a forest?

Join a wild life federation that specifies in forests, have apetition signed to save the forest, or physically help the forestby planting new trees

What song do Nottingham Forest come out the tunnel to?

A mix from Beautiful Day (U2), Insomnia (Faithless), the horn fromthe beginning of BBC Robin Hood Theme & Born Slippy(Underworld). . They then play "Mull of Kintyre" (Wings)turning the sound down forthe second chorus when the fans sing the Forest version (usuallyjust the chorus, although Lower Bri ( Full Answer )

Why was Nottingham famous?

Nottingham was famous because robin hood lived there and robin hood is a legend. (legends are storeys that people have made up during years and nowone knows if they are true or not)

Are Nottingham forest good at football?

In general they are about average, whilst not premier league standard they are quite a solid team and whilst have been in bad form recently they are pretty good, with a couple of players who play for their country.

How can you be the mascot?

Simple act crazy have fun dance be stupid and in return you will be the best mascot a person could be!

Who is better Chelsea or Nottingham forest?

On paper, Chelsea are better than Nottingham Forest. Chelsea boast of many trophies and their place in England's first division Nottingham are still in the 2nd division and don't have as many trophies as Chelsea. But it is up to you to decide who is better.

Who do you have forests?

We needed forest at first to get fire wood from and it would be a good place to hunt and get shelter, but seeing as now we have shelter don't need to hunt it is a good environment for animal to live in.

How do you get to be a mascot?

well, you try out with all the hot cheerleaders and then hopefully you become one! also if you do make sure you get to see the cheerleaders with their tops off :P

What do forests have in them?

forets have about 4 layers the first layer is the very top of big trees second layer is the middle of big trees and the tops of smaller but big trees third is the tops of shrubs and mamals live. and the forest floor is last this is basiclly the ground level and there are worms and stuff. c ( Full Answer )

What do you get from the forest?

You get eaten by a wolf from the forest. You get berries from the forest. You get lost in the forest. You die in the forest. You get trolled in a forest. You answer this question in the forest.

How rich is the new owner of Nottingham forest?

Ive Been Reading That Each Year They Have An Income Of £3.5billion ..So Id Say Theyve Got Atleast £15-25 billion pounds in there bank......Good Future For Forest, Bring In Some Top Players This Year ..No I Dont Mean Top Players Like Aguero,Rooney,Neymar Etc ..I Mean Like..Owen,Jenas,Barton,Rob ( Full Answer )

What is forests?

forest are important for us. they help to bring rain and they giveus oxygen. if there would not be any tree then we would not bethere

Who is Jacob Nottingham?

a major league baseball player for the Houston Astros. Drafter inthe 6th round of the 2013 draft

What is the address of Nottingham Forest Football Club?

The Nottingham Forest Football Club is located at "The City Ground, Pavilion Road, Nottingham NG2 5FJ, United Kingdom". It was founded in 1865 and it has several different, well-known nicknames like for example "The Reds" or "The Tricky Trees".

What does a forest have in it?

A forest has tree's , grass , and all types of animals . A Forestalso includes differents types of insects and things . They havehot humid and great climate

What is the Nottingham forest mascot called?

The Nottingham Forest mascot was originally 'Nutty the Squirrel' (who wore a Robin Hood-style hat) before being replaced with 'Sherwood the Bear'. Robin Hood became the club's third mascot at the beginning of the 2007/08 season.