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What is OPTerm 20 life insurance?


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AnswerOPTerm 20 is the product name for Banner Life Insurance Company's term life insurance policy. The "20" indicates the number of years that the premium will remain level from the policy date

So many companies have their "own brand" names on product that you don't necessarily know. Take a look at the illustration and see what the features and benefits are. I would venture that it's term insurance, with a level premium for 20 years and then the pricing goes WAY up.


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There are hundreds of leading players in the life insurance industry. I have attached a list of about 20 of the leading institutions that currently offer life insurance.

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Can you sell a 20 year term life insurance policy which has no cash value

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There are quite a few companies of insurance that offer 20 year term life insurance. Among those are Statefarm insurance, North Western Mutual, and American Chemical Society.

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The main advantage to whole life insurance is that it will cover your entire life, as opposite to a term insurance policy, which only covers you for a term of usually 10 to 20 years, after which it expires.

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The average life insurance cost will vary depending on several factors including: The type of life insurance, your age, gender, amount of coverage, how long you need the life insurance, your health, your family's health history, etc. Term life insurance is the least costly type of life insurance because there is no cash value that builds up in the policy - so you only pay for the life insurance. Term life insurance offers you life insurance protection for a specific number of years, usually 10, 15, 20 or 30 years.

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