William Shakespeare
The Tragedy of Othello, the Moor of Venice

What is Othello downfall?


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His mistrust in his power to command devotion and jealousy.

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Iago doesn't like other people to be happy because he is so unhappy himself, notwithstanding the fake "honest Iago" persona he has developed. Since Desdemona is happy in her marriage to Othello, Iago wants to destroy her in the process of destroying Othello.

Both start their plays as well-respected decorated soldiers known for their bravery and honour. Both are plotted against/manipulated - Macbeth by the three witches, Othello by Iago. Both have a tragic flaw which ultimately leads to their downfall - Macbeth and his ambition, Othello and his jealousy. Both end up committing murder. Both end up dead at the end of the play.

There was a downfall. It was King Peter's downfall. The downfall of the city. The market experienced a downfall.

The climax of Othello is when Othello goes into Desdemona's room to kill her.


They had a good relationship - Othello trusted Cassio and Cassio respected Othello

The address of the Othello Branch Library is: 101 E. Main Street, Othello, 99344 1039

Othello was the play written by William Shakespeare. Othello was a Moor.

Othello is the moor of Venice.

NO! Othello is DEFINITELY a tragedy.

Othello from Shakespeare's Othello? He was a man, didn't have a husband. Had a wife though: Desdemona.

Brabantio warns Othello that if his daughter, Desdemona, deceived him in order to marry Othello, then she can just as easily deceive Othello.

The same way I would describe any other Othello. Othello is still Othello no matter what clothes you put him in.

Desdemona slept with Othello in the play. And despite what Othello thought, he was the only guy she slept with.

Iago opposes Othello because Othello chose to promote Cassio to lieutenant instead of Iago. Also, Iago is prejudice against Othello for his skin colour. Othello was a victim of the time he lived in.

character of desdemona in othello

No. William Shakespeare's Othello was fictional.

yes, Othello kills himself.

When either Othello or Desdemona die

Shakespeare's Othello is essentially a tragedy

the play, Othello, was/is very successful

The author of Othello is William Shakespeare.

Iago brings Othello his handkerchief that Othello has given Desdemona and tells him it was in Cassio's house.

His expressions "brave Othello" and "noble moor" indicate the high opinion in which he holds Othello.

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