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Oxford University does not have a mascot.

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Q: What is Oxford university mascot?
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Related questions

What is Oxford university's mascot?

Oxford University does not have a mascot.

What is the university of oxford mascot?

Oxford University does not have a mascot as such. Individual colleges and sports teams may have their own.

What does oxford university mascot look like?

Oxford's unofficial mascot is Dooley the skeleton.

What is the oxford university mascot?

I'm guessing the asker is from the US.Oxford University doesn't really have a mascot, because it's not like "Universities" in the United States, which were mostly started as one single organization from the outset. There may be multiple colleges within the University, but it's a very top-down arrangement.Oxford, in contrast, started as a number of independent colleges within the town of Oxford, which only later merged to form the University.As such, there's no single unified mascot of "Oxford", though each college (or even each team) may have its own mascot.

Is Oxford Brookes University the same as Oxford University?

No. Oxford University is the famous university with the colleges and so on. Oxford Brookes is a separate university, also in Oxford, which is less prestigious, but still a good university.

Where is the University of Oxford located?

The University of Oxford is located in Oxford. Oxford is in Oxfordshire, England. The University of Oxford is one of the leading universities in the world.

Where is the University of oxford?

In Oxford, obviously. Actually no......Oxford University is in England.

The mascot of Devry University?

DeVry University does not have a mascot

What is the mascot of Bethel University university?

Mascot: Royals

Is Oxford Brookes involved in the university of Oxford?

No, Oxford Brookes University and Oxford University are two separate institutions that both happen to be in the city of Oxford.

What is the mascot of Biola University university?

The mascot of Biola University is the eagle.

Where is oxford university situated?

Oxford University is situated in Gloucester Green, Oxford

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