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What is PIA when text messaging?

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does text messaging effect writing outside of text messaging

Text messaging is on your ohone while instant messaging is in your computer (AIM)

No, WikiAnswers does not have a text messaging service.

All cellphones have text messaging unless your cellphone is one of the first cellphones ever invented. Go to your cellphone carrier and talk to them about how to acess your text messaging.

a cell phone with text capability and a mobile plan that allows text messaging.

Text messaging is something that is well known in today's world. Some people think that text messaging can cause death and is bad for people.

Yes, you can choose a Verizon plan in which you get unlimited text messaging.

Matti Makonnen invented text messaging at the begging on the 1990s.

text messaging can be used to analysis for FAQ database.

Text messaging is a 24-hour activity; day and night, whenever it is needed.

IM means instant messaging IM means instant messaging It means Instant Messaging

yes just got this phone today the motorola flipside hasconversational text messaging

Text messaging has become so popular because it is an easy and fast way to communicate with someone.

Menu, Messaging, Create new text and there!

The digital technology replaced the analog technology and added support for text messaging.

It depends: Some pre-paid phones and plans support text messaging. To determine whether a plan and phone support text messaging (and any costs of using text messaging), check with the mobile phone carrier providing the service.

SMS text messaging is very popular with teens because it is a quick and easy way for them to stay in touch with each other from anywhere. SMS text messaging is done by cell phone.

it depends on your plan

It means : In my opinion . (:

T-Mobile does not offer free text messaging per say. However, unlimited text messaging is included in most of their plans. For example a 1 line unlimited talk and text plan is $59.99 a month right now.

Text messaging helps senders send messages without calling. They are a good substitute for making calls when you are low on minutes.

Go to "SETTINGS" then hit "SOUND" and then hit "NOTIFICATION RINGTONE" and chose your text messaging tone.

no it cost 99 cents per text

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