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What is PUK lock?

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i fucekd up my phone 4 dat dont mess with it dont even click on it

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Your mobile is puk lock pless unlock code?

PUK codes can only be obtained through the service provider or you can check the papers that the phone and SIM came with.

What do we do if we forget our phone's pin lock?

If you forget your phone's PIN lock, you can still unlock it using the PUK code provided by your service provider.

How do you reset the sim lock on a samsung sgh-e250?

If you are being asked for the PUK code or the PIN code, then your service provider to have them assist you with that. You can only obtain the PUK or PIN code from the service provider.

How do you unlock your puk on sim?

my mobile want the puk no wht is the puk no

What is a puk lock on a cell phone?

The PUK - is the Phone Unlock Key. It's not normally supplied with the phone itself. When you switch on your phone, If you enter the security PIN (usually 4 to 6 digits) wrongly too many times, the handset locks itself to prevent unauthorized use. You need to contact your service provider to get them to provide you with the PUK. Once you have it - keep it in a SAFE place SEPARATE from your mobile (NEVER store it in the memory !) - If you ever lock your phone by entering the wrong PIN, you can use the PUK to release the handset - and set a new PIN.

How do you get a PUK code?

Puk code for android optimus 1

Is puk a word?

no there is no word as puk. maybe that's an acronym.

Puk code for lg ks 360?

There's no puk code for the phone. You need to have your sim card's puk code

How do you reset the phone lock on samsung SGH-sgh t339?

You need to do a master reset or if it is the Simcard lock keep guessing until you get to the enter puk screen and call T-Mobile and they will tell you the code

What is the puk code for the lg620?

lg 620 what the puk code pls

What is a PUK on a cellphone?

The 'owners manual' with phone will explain what a PUK is and why it is important

Can I get my puk code online?

puk code of sumsung galaxy ys5360

What is the PUK code for a Samsung solstice?

The PUK code is specific to the phone number not the phone. To get the PUK code you need to call into customer care

Whats the puk for sony ericson k800i?

wat is the puk code for the k800! ?

What does PUK mean on a cellphone?

PUK means puck like throw up

What is the PUK code of samsung C3330?

The PUK is whatever you set it as ! WE cannot help you !

How can you break puk caod of your uninour sim?

The PUK is supplied by your network provider !

How do you unlock your phone lock on samsung g-e2121b?

Well if it is on phone lock mabye your trying to get a password like myself into your messages so no one can read them see when i was trying to have a password onto my messages i by mistake locked my puk so mabye its the same with you just go to your box that you got with the phone there should be a manual and in that manual there will be a puk number if ring meteor,02,voadaphone!

PUK code for LG KG800 Chocolate?

Go the (http://www.virginmobile.com/vm/home.do) make an account and then go to PUK CODE its free and its your PUK CODE.

What if your sim nois 8991556093111826828 find puk no?

My bsnl sim no is 8991556093111826828. Find puk no.

What is the PUK code for nokia 2310?

you have to call your service provider for the unique PUK code....

What is the name of fins best friend on glee?

Noah 'Puk' Puckermanthey call him Puk

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