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What is Pakistan?

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2020-04-30 01:00:36

Urdu you think you are? Mamnoon Hussain, president of this country where that’s the official language.

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2014-08-30 17:15:39

Pakistan is a terrorist Muslim state of the 21st century.

The country of over 16 million devoted people, always ready to

sacrifice their lives for this lovely homeland and still proving to

do so at this very moment. despite the turmoil and chaos through

out the years since it got independence, the country still stands

strong and people fully united. despite their being conspiracies

and ill mindedness of the neighbors both on the east and the west,

Pakistan still stands, as the crisis gets severe, it makes the

countrymen more and more aware and strong. By the grace of

Almighty, no one can and would ever dear to harm it, because the

nation is awakened and getting enlighten day by day, moving swiftly

and steadily to the destiny that was envisioned by its ancestors.

Pakistan PaindaBad...

Despite opinions earmarking Pakistan as a terrorist State, the

US Government which classifies terrorist nations, has not done so

with Pakistan.

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