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What is Pakistan?

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Pakistan is a terrorist Muslim state of the 21st century.The country of over 16 million devoted people, always ready to sacrifice their lives for this lovely homeland and still proving to do so at this very moment. despite the turmoil and chaos through out the years since it got independence, the country still stands strong and people fully united. despite their being conspiracies and ill mindedness of the neighbors both on the east and the west, Pakistan still stands, as the crisis gets severe, it makes the countrymen more and more aware and strong. By the grace of Almighty, no one can and would ever dear to harm it, because the nation is awakened and getting enlighten day by day, moving swiftly and steadily to the destiny that was envisioned by its ancestors. Pakistan PaindaBad...

Despite opinions earmarking Pakistan as a terrorist State, the US Government which classifies terrorist nations, has not done so with Pakistan.

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Urdu you think you are? Mamnoon Hussain, president of this country where that’s the official language.

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Is today's Pakistan is Quaid e Azam Pakistan?

No its not today Pakistan is zardari Pakistan

Why does Pakistan celebrate Pakistan day?

They don't. Nobody in Pakistan celebrates Pakistan Day. I live in Pakistan and this is the first time I heard about this. There is no such thing as Pakistan Day. Only Independence day is celebrated in Pakistan.

What country was formerly called west Pakistan?

Today's Pakistan was called as West Pakistan till 1971. In 1971 when East Pakistan or Bangladesh got separated from Pakistan, it was named as Pakistan.

What is the official NAME of Pakistan?

Islamic Republic of Pakistan Islamic republic of pakistan official name of pakistan.

What part of the original Pakistan is still Pakistan?

Pakistan was originally comprised of West Pakistan and East Pakistan. The West Pakistan provinces of Pukhtoonkhwa (NWFP), Baluchistan, Punjab and Sindh are still Pakistan. East Pakistan became the independent country as Bangladesh due to India's interference in 1971.

Is Pakistan you?

No, Pakistan is a country

What is the old name of Pakistan?

Pakistan has no old name, it was Pakistan when it created

Where do you find sheer cover in Pakistan?

it is not available in Pakistan and there is no shipment for Pakistan .

What is good in Pakistan?

Every Thing Is Good in Pakistan and Pakistan is not poor

How is India better than Pakistan?

Thats impossible Pakistan is much better pakistan is cleaner pakistan is richer

How was India and Pakistan separated?

India and Pakistan had a war.Before India and Pakistan were not called India and Pakistan it was called Hindu and Muslim than it became India and Pakistan

Does Pakistan have a navy?

Yes, Pakistan has Navy. Pakistan Navy is the third largest defense force of Pakistan. Pakistan Navy is mainly deployed at Arabian Sea.

What is the name of owner of state bank of Pakistan?

The Government of Pakistan is the owner of the State Bank of Pakistan. It was established in 1948. It is headquartered in Karachi, Pakistan. It is the central bank of Pakistan that supervises the banking operations in Pakistan

Which is the official name of Pakistan?

Islamic Republic of Pakistan is the official name of Pakistan. Pakistan was named as Islamic Republic in 1956 by a unanimous resolution in National Assembly of Pakistan.

Name the highest civil award in Pakistan?

Name of the highest Civil Award in Pakistan is Nishan-i-Pakistan (The Order of Pakistan)

Is Pakistan like a magic?

Although many places in Pakistan have become a paradise which now the government of Pakistan wants to rename it a Magical Pakistan. Pakistan is not just a home to deserts, forests, & snowy mountains. Pakistan has started to develop beautiful ports throughout Pakistan which will turn Pakistan into a very beautiful country:)

Do you have to be born in Pakistan to become president of Pakistan?

Yes you do have to be born in Pakistan you be president of it.

What is the country postal code of Pakistan?

The postal code for the country of Pakistan is "PAKISTAN"

Central superior services exam of Pakistan?

examanation in Pakistan examanation in Pakistan

Who are the competitors of engro foods in Pakistan?

nestle pakistan Unilever pakistan are its competitors

What is west Pakistan called now?

west pakistan is now called PAKISTAN

Reports on exports of Pakistan .pdf?

what are the major exports of pakistan. and its importance? what are the major exports of pakistan. and its importance? what are the major exports of pakistan. and its importance? what are the major exports of pakistan. and its importance? what are the major exports of pakistan. and its importance?

What r the reason was west Pakistan was responsible of sepration fom the eat Pakistan?

East Pakistan separated from West Pakistan because of neglect and abuse on part of West Pakistan. East Pakistan was fairly lawless and forgotten by West Pakistan. East Pakistan had no voice when it came to its own affairs, as well.due to these reasons it was seperated.

Which is richer India or Pakistan?


Is Pakistan in Europe?

No. Pakistan is in Asia.